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The Ideal Woman: What Every Guy Wants In A Girl (Part 2)

Posted on: July 17, 2009 | By Maiguy

The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

6.  Don’t nag. Sometimes a little playful teasing can be cute.   But constant nagging is like a mosquito buzzing in your ear that won’t go away. It gets old. Learn to communicate without nagging.  Good times for that would be when we are not watching sports or involved in a serious activity like drinking with friends.

7.  Don’t be overly “clingy”.  Men like to make decisions in a relationship and take care of woman, but being overly dependant on your guy can be really tiring.  Try to be a little independent now and than and make some decisions for the two of you. Plan some events or outings occasionally.

8.  Wear sexy outfits now and than.   Women sometimes get lazy.  After a prolonged period of dating they don’t feel the need to look sexy anymore.  I think this is a mistake.  I think you should rock that short skirt and sexy top every now and than just to keep it hot.  Guys like this.   And don’t stop wearing thongs and switching to all granny panties just because your dating.  Guys do and always will like women in thongs.   Those sexy boy shorts are also hot. Keep a few pairs of those around.

9.  Don’t pack on the extra lbs. just because you’re in a committed relationship.  Just because you’re serious with a guy now it doesn’t mean that its alright to veg. out every other night and pack on the pounds.  Keep doing the things that got his attention in the first place.

10.  Don’t try to “be one of the guys”.  I find that some women try to become closer to their man by participating in all of his interests and trying to buddy up with all his friends.  There is a time and a limit to this.   Its nice that you are willing to watch that ballgame with us or be cool enough to hang with our friends, but if we wanted an exact replica of our beer drinking pal from college that can down 12 sliders in an hour while pounding half a case of beer, we would just go gay and start dating college frat guys.  Seriously, stay a woman. We like you the way you are.

11.  Learn to cook a little bit.  I’m not trying to sound chauvinistic here.  I understand it’s the 21st century and that the defined roles of men and women have changed.  HOWEVER, if it’s still expected that men are opening doors and paying for dinner tabs, than why is it SO outrageous to not expect a few household favors once in a while. That includes cooking a special dinner now and than, or maybe doing my laundry some day just to be nice. Guys like this and it turns an average girl into a “keeper”.

12.   Be more adventurous.   I think by and large, most men like a little adventure.  That includes in life, in their career, and in bed. Adventure is the reason men go to Thailand or guys like Hugh Grant get caught with prostitutes in the back of their car.  My point is, try to be adventurous now and than.  Maybe mix it up in bed.  Seriously, get wild once in a while just for the hell of it, see what happens.   Maybe tie him up or wear a wig or invest in a sex toy.  I will not delve too much more into this, I’ll just say that, guys love adventure and you’ll keep him excited to be with you.

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One Response to “The Ideal Woman: What Every Guy Wants In A Girl (Part 2)”

  1. Maigal
    July 17th, 2009 @ 11:30 am

    Tips for you girls. The best time to be freaky is during Halloween. It’s an good excuse. haha

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