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Why Asian Women Date White Men?

Posted on: August 4, 2009 | By Maigal

Asian woman and white manNo matter how much I bitch about my life, there is one thing in this world that I am grateful for. I am grateful to be born as an Asian woman. You can walk anywhere in this city, including the Village or Soho and you will see a lot of interracial dating involving Asian Women. I don’t know how to phrase it without sounding arrogant, but we Asian women are highly desired by all kinds of men. I asked some of my white male friends as to what it is they love so much about Asian women. They told me they love our exotic good looks – small sensual eyes, sweet plump lips, silky black hair, ageless skin and our petite little bodies that don’t blow up and become super-sized after pushing out kids.  I’m not sure if I agree with the silky hair part because my hair is a bit nappy, but for the most part, they are right.  Now, we know why white guys love Asian girls so much, but what is it exactly that some Asian women love so much about Caucasian men?

Here are my theories as why we love white guys:

  1. Height – If you like tall guys, it’s hard to find a 5’11″ nice looking Asian dude, because most of them are usually 5’7″  according to   Although Yao Ming is 7’6″, for the most part, we Asians do not have the tall genes.  But you will be able to find a tall white guy in any corner you look.  I went to an Asian party last weekend, and unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that most of the men were on the shorter side.
  2. Cultural Difference – A lot of the appeal of dating an Asian women is the allure of being introduced to a foreign culture. Well, for a lot of us Asian women, dating a white guy holds that same allure. The cultural differences can be fun and intriguing because you are able to learn something new that a lot of Asian guys would never be able to teach you.
  3. Have beautiful babies – If you look at any Asian magazine, those beautiful models are rarely ever 100% Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. They are often a Eurasian mix of half white and half Asian. What Asians consider beautiful is not the chinky look. They want the big eyes, tall nose, and porcelain skin. If you ever go to Hong Kong, there is no such thing as tanning lotion in their cosmetic stores. Instead, you’ll see a lot of skin whitening cream. I have heard that many Korean and Japanese parents let their kids go under the knife to achieve this Asian western look. Some also think if they have kids with white men, their kids will have the big eyes and tall nose. I know it’s a disgrace to see how some Asians don’t find their own ethnic features beautiful, but as a society, the westernized look is what is considered beautiful these days.
  4. Open minded – When you date a white guy, his family will be curious and fascinated by your unique culture. They would never judge you if were to tell them you are from Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam. They wouldn’t say, “Oh, that’s low class.” Even amongst Asians there is racism within different groups. I have found that Japanese, Chinese and Koreans think they are better than other Asian groups and consider themselves above them. I have a friend who was married to a Vietnamese guy. Her mother would actually tell her relatives that my friend’s husband was Chinese instead of Vietnamese. I also remembered having a fight with a girl back in college because she thought she was higher class than me because her family was from Hong Kong and mine was from Toisan, China. I should have whacked her in the head for being so ignorant.
  5. Bigger package – I know this is such an overused stereotype, but I’m sorry to say, when comparing Asian and white men in the package department, white men win.  Now, not all Asian women want a massive love stick down there, but we do want a decent sized banana to take care of business. You know the phrase, “Once you go black, you never go back”? Well, I think once you go white, it’s hard to go back as well. Once you get used to something, it’s hard to switch unless you find something similar. I’m not saying all Asian guys have small penises because my Asian ex bf is both big and beautiful.  You just have to do a thorough scavenger hunt to find them if penis size is important to you.
  6. Asian men don’t want to date you. I know some Asian girls who want to date Asian guys but have trouble finding one. These are the girls who are a bit on the chubby side or those girls whose appearances don’t fit the stereotypical definition of Asian beauty (ex. petite, pale, skinny, submissive). White guys in general are more accepting of Asian girls when it comes to weight and appearance. Maybe it just comes down to the fact that what Asians considered fat might not be fat in white guy’s eyes. I don’t know, but they are definitely less critical than Asian men towards us Asian women.

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138 Responses to “Why Asian Women Date White Men?”

  1. Joe
    August 4th, 2009 @ 9:42 am

    You need to tone it down with the sex and narcissistic personality. It gets old and redundant. Before I started reading this article, I already know what you are going to talk about. I am sure if you ask the people in the picture it is not about penis size, height, beautiful babies, or cultural differences. Expand your knowledge instead of being trap inside yourself. I think you should read some online blogs; And most importantly how to be a writer.

  2. ny234
    August 4th, 2009 @ 9:59 am

    I find the sex-talk amusing. keep it coming. to Joe above, lighten up big guy. its supposed to be entertaining and fun. you can read your monthly Oprah subscription in your own time for culture and enlightenment.

  3. Blue
    August 4th, 2009 @ 1:11 pm

    yes, i read maigal’s blog for entertainment purposes only and do not agree with all she writes; and i do not take it to heart on everything she blogs. as she had already wrote: “Here are my theories as why we love white guys”, she’s clearing writing it based on her opinion and do not necessarily mean it’s the opinion of all asian women in general.

  4. Anna
    August 4th, 2009 @ 1:58 pm

    Definitely for entertainment purposes only!!

    I do love the egotistic, arrogant, shallow points of view on her blog. What else is she suppose to write about??…. that they are so in love with each other’s great personalities?? BORING!!! This is a lot more fun, just what Bffs talk about. How else would she get people like “Joe” to come around and holler.

    Sorry Joe, but this is Maigal’s blog and she can write about whatever she feels like writing. If you’re not a fan, just don’t read it. Simple as that!!

    As long this is how you feel, WHO CARES!!!
    You can’t please everyone. As long as you feel good about it… WHO CARES!!!!

  5. Matthew Flannery
    August 4th, 2009 @ 2:10 pm

    Your article on Asian women was spot on. I’ve dated quite a number of Asian women. And many of them have told me exactly what you said. For one they like my large blue eyes and would be happy if there children had them. they like my strong nose. My package is almost 8″ and they have told me that they love when I go deep inside them, it’s very pleasurable for me too. I also think that Asian women like that I cherish them, most asian men think about themselves and culturally don’t cherish there women.

  6. mcluvin
    August 4th, 2009 @ 2:27 pm

    If those are her theories, then her theories are seriously flawed. Most of what she wrote was based on physical attributes. while important, I hope it is not the deciding factor of who’s desirable. You are no better than a piece of meat if that was the case. In addition, it becomes more sensitive when its physical racial attributes. So we’re crossing a fine line when we’re debating this subject, don’t you think?

    These discussions have been debated to death already. Why write something that is totally unoriginal? Seriously, I believe most interracial couple will tell you that they are together because of who they are and not what they are.

  7. Larry
    August 4th, 2009 @ 2:37 pm

    Here’s something only my ex- know about me. I can control my stamina and have a high sex drive, meaning, my sessions last 30 minutes to 2 hours (4 5-10 minute breaks in the 2 hour session) and I can do it multiple times in 1 day (for a weekend, I use up a whole box). One ex- had 4 to 5 orgasms in 1 session. Now I won’t give out too many details about me, but I’m over 5’7″ and in my 30s (as I age, I get better and better). So that’s my Chinese secret.

    For the girls, what would you want – multiple orgasmic, long sessions or 5-minute sweet ones? I usually stop after 45 minutes because I need to take a breather.

    I figure this was a better way to respond to this article than attack it. So why wouldn’t a girl want an Asian guy like me?

  8. Joe
    August 4th, 2009 @ 2:39 pm

    Maigal- I do not read her articles. I wasn’t going to leave a comment until I saw John’s comment, deleted by the author, which coincides with my view. If she believes what she writes, don’t delete people’s comments or edit them. I was leaving her a positive criticism. – “If you can’t take it, don’t dish it”.

    Ny234- Sex talk is amusing, and you can express it in your blog. But your articles is comparable to ‘a confession of a teenage drama queen’- not that I have read it. I am not expecting NY times or Oprah, and I won’t expect it from you either. Most of your opinions are cliché and even Mathew Flannery hear about it

  9. ny234
    August 4th, 2009 @ 3:00 pm

    to Joe. dude, i don’t write the articles. FYI, i’m a korean male and wouldn’t know shit about why asian woman date white guys. this is a fun blog about sex and dating. take it for what it is. this is one girls PERSONAL opinion on a topic. the articles are fun to read and opinionated. whats the problem here?

  10. Troy
    August 4th, 2009 @ 3:07 pm

    Larry – if you were so good, why did she become your ex?

  11. Joe
    August 4th, 2009 @ 3:16 pm

    [email protected]… Also what happens when you don’t have a gf?

  12. Anna
    August 4th, 2009 @ 5:25 pm

    So what if her theories are flawed?? Don’t tell me you’re not!!

    When picking a mate, the physical attributes are what we look for 1st. It would be nice if we have a scanner to tell us the guy’s personalities OR if they will be compatible, but we don’t. What do guys look for?? Boobs, legs, sexy cute butt, long hair?? These are all physical. Nothing wrong with Maigal listing hers.SO maybe hers includes a white guy at the top of the list.And Yes, don’t judge a book by its cover, but we ALL do it. Maigal is unveiling what is talked about behind close doors. Just the girls. Isn’t that just what guys want to know anyways…what girls talk about????I guess a little too much of what’s brewing has spilled.

    Dude, if you do it right,sometimes 5min sweet ones ARE enough. Don’t need to ride us like a machine. WE DO have other things to do.

  13. Wendy
    August 4th, 2009 @ 6:34 pm

    Joe, if you don’t read her blog. Why do you even come to her site in the first place? You don’t make sense.

  14. Matthew Flannery
    August 4th, 2009 @ 6:53 pm

    We are animals, that is our Nature. Three components are required to have a successful realtionship. Chemistry, Communication, Compatibility. Chemistry is genetic, can’t mess with that one, you either are attracted to someone or your not. If you don’t have chemistry then you have a friendship. But you also need to have good communication, otherwise you have just a fuck buddy. And lastly you need compatibility, which could mean race, religion, wealth, education etc… If you have all three then you might have a soulmate.

    In masculine and feminine energy you need Yin and Yang, you need a balance in a relationship.

  15. samay
    August 5th, 2009 @ 5:34 pm

    @larry and @ matthew…guys, this is not about you..please stop advertising yourself..hahahahaha..and i highly doubt any of u lives up to what u say about yourself…

  16. samay
    August 5th, 2009 @ 6:28 pm

    @ matthew flannery..i am assuming that you are the same guy from FB…lookin at your picture and the ignorant comments u left here…i hope u do have an 8″ cuz u dont have the looks or the personality..

  17. samay
    August 5th, 2009 @ 6:38 pm

    @joe or steve liu from your FB..
    i am asian girl and i have no problem dating asian guys and i dont particular go for white guys, to me most of them def have yellow fever, they think asian girls are quiet and subservient(main reason for them), i find most of them are average-joe-looking..truth is most of the “asian girl/white boy relationships”(i am not trying to be politically correct here) are in a relationship becuz most asian guys are either picky or cowards….
    they are picky becuz most asian guys ARE short, (lets not argue bout this point here,most of my male friends are short)

    i have had asian guys admit they are scared to approach girls…cowardness???….you know damn well who wrote this article the min u start typing your first comment..and then pretend u dont know who u are directing your comments to?? is this cowardness??? i think so..

  18. DieselAzn
    August 5th, 2009 @ 7:12 pm

    Why Asian guys prefer & date White girls – by DieselAzn

    Look at the picture at the top of the article. 1. She’s as white as a ghost. Staring at her skin for more than 5 seconds, my eyes start to go blind.
    2. Look at her body. Probably weighs 85 lbs. She’s a skeleton with skin, no curves, no tone, nothing. If the wind goes above 10mph she’s liable to be carried away into the next town. Put some meat on those bones!!!
    3. Look at her breasts. OH wait….there aren’t any. Woops, my bad. And I’m sure her ass matches what’s up top….if you like doggystyle, might as well hump 2 slices of bread, there’s more cushion for the pushin.

    Now, I’m not saying all Asian girls have the bodies of little boys and the complexion of Casper the friendly ghost..I’ve had 1 or 2 Asian exes that have at least a handful of sweater puppets to hang onto and decent buns to embrace. but you’d have to do a treasure hunt through the amazon forest to find an Asian girl with the body of a beautiful, healthy Caucasian woman (e.g. – Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, etc. etc.). And its not just Caucasian women…the majority of Latina and Black women also happen to be taller, curvier, with bigger breasts and firmer, rounder buttocks. Yum Yum. :)

    Now let’s talk about personality. Many to most Asian girls who grew up in traditional Asian families….are very conservative, reserved, quiet….pretty much not much of a personality at all until you really get to know them over a period of time, and even then it may be like pulling teeth with some girls. On the other hand, most white/ latina/ black girls that I’ve come across are not afraid to speak their minds when it is appropriate to do so (even at times when its not), are more out-going and fun-loving….and are not afraid to let loose and enjoy the moment.

    This is not meant to bash on all Asian women….but I definitely feel the need to address things from the Asian guy’s perspective. Maigal says that being an Asian woman definitely has its advantages and you are desired by all types of men of all races. She does have a point to some extent….but an ugly girl is an ugly girl and probably won’t be desired by most men, and race has nothing to do with it. It’s definitely easier to date outside the race as an Asian woman than if you are an Asian male. Although you do see the occasional Asian man/ White woman couple…it definitely isn’t as prevalent, by far, as vice versa. Many caucasian females just aren’t that open-minded yet. I yearn for the day when you see just as many Asian guys dating white women as you see Asian girls dating white men. I love beautiful women of all races and ethnicities….the most important thing is chemistry..

    A little bit of background: I’m an ABC guy (American Born Chinese) born and raised in NYC. I’ve dated White, Asian and Latina women. My first ever girlfriend that “made me a man” was white. She was in love with me to the point of obsession…unfortunately I had to let her go cuz she turned out to be a bit ‘psycho’ lol…but obviously I was able to satisfy her ‘needs’ if you will. I’m not saying I’m Matt Flannery up there with an 8″ package (which btw is most likely bullshit…he probably has a 3 incher and has to make himself feel better by lying), but I definitely do not fall into that stereotype of skinny, nerdy small-packaged Asian…I’ve got very big light-colored eyes, hit the gym regularly (can benchpress 300lbs.) and got more than ample tools to satisfy.

    Damn, I should write my own blog….LOL.

  19. Tom
    August 6th, 2009 @ 1:04 am

    This writer is a clear self hating, White worshiping, Uncle Tom Asian.

    Basically, imagine MICHELLE MALKIN.

    These kinds internalize that White looks are better, completely pander to Whites, say anything including bash and say self-racist things, and likely laugh along to racist Asian jokes.

  20. Angie
    August 6th, 2009 @ 3:29 am


    I don’t agree with this idea that ‘Asian women love white men’ is actually a stereotype and soooo not true.

    I’m actually getting sick of People saying this. What they write about Asian women is way off the mark and insulting as we all are a like and we all love white guys.

    As an Asian women I do prefer Asian men more because I am Asian myself and there are many other associated reasons.

    I have to say there is this pressure or influenced to encourage us to date white men more and the supply of Asian men are lower where I am.

    I know some Asian girls don’t see reason to date Asian men because they are already ‘un-asian’, or maybe their options are limited.

    I’m sure White men have this fetish too where they are attracted to Asian women for the stereotypes and expectations.

    I’ve heard of marriages break down because of these similar problems.

  21. Kat
    August 6th, 2009 @ 3:34 am

    This article hilarious.

    I don’t what magazine they read with mixed people but the ones I read are mostly 100% Asian models and are insanely beautiful.

    The list above are racial stereotypes, dear god I hope people aren’t really that stupid.

  22. ny234
    August 6th, 2009 @ 11:37 am

    everyone has stereotypes of other races, including yourself. and if that makes people stupid, than alot of people are really dumb. to not think that racial stereotypes exist is just plain ignorant. so i’m assuming you don’t hold the view that black people are better athletes or are better dancers??? cause that would most certainly be a racial stereotype.

  23. Keef
    August 6th, 2009 @ 12:12 pm

    This woman sounds like she is STRAIGHT OUT OF THE JOY LUCK CLUB.

    I think it’s hypocritical how she praises white men for being so open minded, when she herself is accusing Asian men of being short, having uglier babies, having smaller packages, being closed minded, etc…

    Listen woman. Stand away from the white knighted picture for a second. You will find that tons of white men are also short, have ugly babies, ignorant views, and yes, small penises.
    As far as you thinking Asians all hate each other. All European nations think they’re better than each other too. Not to mention white Americans.

    This woman is closed minded, and looks down on the men of her own race. This is why Asian men “don’t want you”. No smart Asian man would date a self-hating woman. Perhaps if you abandon your racist outlook, you’ll meet a tall, attractive, open-minded Asian man that will change your perspective.


  24. Keano
    August 6th, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

    you’re typing gobshite.

    that is all.

  25. Joe
    August 6th, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

    Samay – Steve is not me. Unfortunately, I think his comment was deleted. But let me respond to your comment. About the Asian guys you hangout with, I will assure you that not all Asian males are scared or short. Just because they don’t come up to you at the club and offer you a drink doesn’t mean they are cowards or picky, because of their man size. It could be that you are unattractive aka busted or overweight aka fat, in any case even white guys will shy away from you unless they are looking for an one nighter. If Asian males are picky because they are short, sweetheart I think you got it all twisted, and let me clear your porno fantasies. Majority of the males, not race specific, are not 12 inches, and if you like 12 inches pounding in your tiny you know what, then a rubber Dilo will do the trick, and not because they are cowards.
    Honestly, it was my mistake to think ny234 was the author of this article. So, I will admit it was my fault.

  26. Umm.
    August 7th, 2009 @ 2:09 am

    In her theory, she should really love Black Guys.

    but of course, she’s open minded an NOT racist at all.. Nope.

    and she doesn’t think she’s higher class for choosing one ethnicity over another…nope.

  27. nancy
    August 7th, 2009 @ 2:18 am

    I love how the home page features “Find an Asian wife” ad with and ugly fat white guy and what looks like a Vietnamese hooker.

    It really says a lot about this website and the creator.

    Good job on first impressions, I feel cheaper already.

  28. Alvin Lin Jintzu
    August 7th, 2009 @ 10:23 pm

    I had a change of heart! I want beefy men like Pat Lew. He can rock my ocean any time than all you fishes put together!

  29. desiree at siagon women
    August 15th, 2009 @ 2:25 am

    wow i like the part about the topic on the banana maybe not all asian men have tiny or should i say small but i have dated some and they have the power whether its not that big its the performance that matter right…


  30. Steve Ryan
    August 17th, 2009 @ 3:52 pm

    wow… is all i can say

    everyone should remember, a person’s opinion is JUST that.. an opinion

    whether it be racist, correct, incorrect or too generalized which most opinions are… it’s still simply an opinion and everyone’s entitled.

    Obviously some of these topics are a bit stereotypical but i supposed that comes out when people are being too honest

  31. John
    August 23rd, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

    Hi Maigal,

    Out of the blue just during the past 3 months here in NYC it seems like a phenomenon has taken place in that on any given weekend I will spot at least 30 couples on a Saturday and another 30 on Sunday in regards to seeing an Asian woman with a White male. My question to you Maigal is where are these couples meeting up? I mean are there special clubs or social events taking place here in NYC where they are meeting or is there version of Asias chicks meeting White dudes? I happen to be a 30 yr old SWM and have no problem when it comes to dating but I never find myself in a situation to meeting an Asian woman and would just love to. I would appreciate an information you can offer.

  32. Dylan
    August 28th, 2009 @ 4:03 am

    For all the guys saying Maigal is shallow, what hypocrisy. Leave the girl to have her Sex and the City moment and either laugh with her or at her.

    Why do Asian women date white guys? blah blah blah…. because you live in a western country. I’d like to see her try to date a white guy if she lived in Sudan. (She might be able to but her choices would be severely restricted)

    By the way, I’m 6’2 with a 10 inch penis and i usually f*** for 5 hours (with a 5-10 minute break half way through) and when i finish, it’s like old faithful blowing up. One f*** buddy had 12 orgasms in five hours (only one of them because of me though). Now i won’t give out too many details, but my name is Dylan Wong, I’m Chinese and my phone number is 1-800-hung-like-a-donkey. I live in Soho, have a house in the Hamptons, I own a firm investing into green tech and drive a Maserati, licence plate no. 1 LUV 53X. I’m Chinese so clearly better than all of you white guys. Now why wouldn’t girls want to date me? PS I have a free 5 hour window this saturday so give me a call girls.

    Oh and by the way….
    Where’s the best place to meet Asian women? blah, blah, blah…. Asia you f***ing idiots.

  33. Dylan
    August 28th, 2009 @ 4:06 am

    PS just to clarify, that one orgasm my ex had with me…. was when she was thinking about me. All the others she was supposedly thinking about Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jackie Chan and Andy Lau. They all gave her 3 orgasms each, except for George who became distracted by a Chippendale supposedly.

  34. george
    May 31st, 2011 @ 5:12 pm

    i got a boner while reading this article…asain women are very hot. period.

  35. user1
    June 3rd, 2011 @ 10:36 pm

    If you are interested in WMAF, this link is
    the grand collection on this topic:

  36. jim
    July 28th, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

    Lots of fluff in this article. Fluffy indeed. So be it. It should have been titled, “Why I love White Men.” I’d hardly call this an accurate representation of how Asian women feel.

  37. Tiffany
    August 2nd, 2011 @ 12:08 am

    I’d like to start off by saying that Joe is probably short and stubby… in more ways than one, and that this is a playful post that’s just fun to read.

    Joe will now probably defend his manhood by attempting to insult me (or asian women in general) when in actuality, he would remain more dignified if he just stopped reading this article.

  38. D
    August 19th, 2011 @ 11:42 pm

    It is difficult comparing races and cultures because it causes offense. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In asian culture it is important that a man be intelligent, manly, confident and career driven but also physical looks can play a role. Asian men are intelligent and career driven however sometimes they lack that little bit of backbone and confidence. They tend to submit too easy to the boss or whoever else is in charge. Also white men are taller and bigger build as well as bigger elsewhere. Now some would say black men are strong and big in other areas so why not black. The issue here is that some black men can be very motivated and intelligent however on average they do not match the intelligence level as other races and lack the career drive. Now Asian men are the most intelligent of the races but their submissive roles hinder that success they could have.

  39. Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen
    September 20th, 2011 @ 12:33 am

    Cambodians and Vietnamese might be low-class, but low-class or poorer people are kinder which makes us age very well even with little money. Thai girls are good in bed via Thailand clean sex business and they make Thai food well.

  40. Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen
    September 20th, 2011 @ 12:48 am

    Chinese daughters have Been killed off via China’s one-child policy because families prefer sons to make money to take care of the family. Now that is why karma is paying back Chinese girl with adoration of white men.

  41. White man
    September 25th, 2011 @ 12:46 am

    America is different from Europe. In northern Europe is it ofen white men with lower class who get asian women, especiallt if they get a woman from Thailand, Philippines or Vietnam. They are for men who have problem to get white a white woman.
    Asian women from Japan, Korea or China give a white men higher status here. Yes I am agree tha euroasian babies are the cutest, but I dont like what you write about the white mens penis size. White men have big penis is sterotype.
    Our penis size is different. Some have small and some have big.

  42. Niko
    October 1st, 2011 @ 1:10 pm

    Haha… A slut, and proud of it!

    Yes, it’s a very rewarding feeling to know that so many men want to you. Of course, that picture somewhat gets moderated once you realize that that’s really all they want from you: to have an Asian toy. Man, I would feel proud too!

  43. Stefanie
    October 23rd, 2011 @ 1:43 pm

    Hi all – I am a television producer at a NYC daytime talk show. I am looking for people who are in interracial relationships who would like to share their stories. If interested please email me ASAP as this is for October 27th. Thanks so much!

  44. Just Another Asian Guy
    November 5th, 2011 @ 1:57 am

    Sad. I would feel bad for any son who would have you as his mother.

    I know some Asian guys who are in an interracial relationship, but they don’t look down on Asian women. I sure hope not. Two wongs don’t make a white, eh!! :P

  45. Dan
    November 25th, 2011 @ 12:12 pm

    Asian women are beautiful for us white men, but I dont like people who talking bad about men from their own race like you. Asin women are good to love with for us white men, but white women are also good to have sex with. But black women are ofen not attractive for white men because they have so dark skin. Many white men dont like to have black babyes. Euroasian babies are cute.

  46. Markus
    December 25th, 2011 @ 12:33 pm

    Ha, ha. Asian women often like white white espesially with blond hair and blue eyes.
    Many white men also like asian women because they are goodlooking and have sexy bodies. I beleve it is so i USA, Australia, Canada and some other countries.

  47. blackpassenger
    January 5th, 2012 @ 9:59 am

    I’m a Jamaican living in Japan for the last decade and I think much the reason why many Asian women are attracted to European men has to do with inferiority complexes and self hate in some cases. at least here in japan thats what ive observed and wrote about in my book black passenger yellow cabs. like many people of color around the world, they believe that a half white child improves the life chances of their children. as to me, I’m a devout rice king, thats why i moved from california to japan. i figured if I liked rice I should be in a rice field instead of a potato patch. best move ive ever made.

  48. David
    January 8th, 2012 @ 12:34 pm

    I can appreciate that u prefer white guys. I’m an Asian male. I don’t really want to associate with people who think less of me in that way.So I’d prefer it if Asian girls like you kept away from me. I’m sure other Asian guys would feel the same. I don’t think this would bother you anyway considering you prefer the company of whites.

    Oh PS be sure to tell your dad your opinions too. See how he feels to be belittled by a member of his own race (not to mention his own daughter).

    It’s quite fascinating to see how the racial prejudices of a race can be imprinted on another to cause them to turn on their own.

  49. Richard
    January 11th, 2012 @ 10:31 am

    Asian married with Caucasiab will never get babies with blue eyes nor blonde hair, because these genes are recessive. In addition, some researches show that larger penis penis size is equivalent to smaller brain size. I guess that’s why Asians are smarter? Be grateful, Asians! ^^

  50. maison
    January 18th, 2012 @ 3:59 pm

    Self hating post. You need to get over yourself.

  51. Stvenson
    January 22nd, 2012 @ 2:49 am

    LOL Oprah, consciousness

  52. Markus
    January 28th, 2012 @ 5:19 am

    Ha, ha . Little penis give more intelligence. That means tha asian men ar mora intelligent than white men. But it also means that white men are more intelligent than black men because black men have bigger penis than white men. But I prefer to be intelligent than to have a big penis. But that is is without meaning. Idiot. Jews are the most intelligent, but they have same penis size like whites. Rasism.

  53. Ben
    January 28th, 2012 @ 9:28 pm

    Very very wrong…..most Asian girls i know date only Asian and middle eastern guys….they dont give a shit to white men.

  54. Andre
    February 4th, 2012 @ 1:27 am

    I come from a country in South America that enjoys a beautiful collage of ethnicities living together in harmony. Im a caucasian guy myself and have dated girls of many different races including my own. I cant deny that dating black women, and asian women had its sexual allure. They looked starkly different from myself and this made it as interesting for them as it did for me. Eventually I fell madly in love with an asian woman and we just finished celebrating 10 years together. My advice to all of you: stop being so hung up on race and do what interests and pleases your mind. Celebrate the races and if you find you are REALLY attracted to asian girls or ebony girls, or redhead irish girls or whatever… dont be ashamed. That is the world placing a stigma on you. Find a woman who is kind, honest and intelligent and praise these qualities. Greetings from Suriname

  55. Ken Lee
    February 11th, 2012 @ 4:42 am

    I am an asian girl. I only love white men. So this is true. Asian men are very boring, shy and true so true, they have very small packages. This is true not trying to diss anyone.

    I find asian men very feminine. Simple as that.

    I have friends though that are asian.

    bye…. we are going to dinner to my parents tonight.

  56. v.v.
    February 29th, 2012 @ 3:28 am

    you are such a racist bitch, reinforcing stereotypes about our own men and building up the people who already have the most power in our society. you have no sense of community or humility. have fun with your fetishist boyfriends.

  57. Jeff
    March 1st, 2012 @ 4:26 am

    Most White men don’t date Asian women. The ones who do date Asian women do it because they hate White women. They’re cowards and race traitors. They can’t handle an independent White woman so they have to downgrade, they also prefer a woman with the body of a young boy.

  58. San
    March 6th, 2012 @ 9:06 pm

    I am a Half Asian male- My mother is WHITE
    and my Father is ASIAN.
    If Maigal feels free to write what see thinks then I will respond with what I thinks.
    If she personally prefer white guys-go ahead.
    I don’t give a shit, but when you look down and criticize your own race because you have the hots for another one then I pity you. I was brought up to believe and cherish ones look.
    When you have children with your white man, which you probably want, they wont be blond or blue eyes and and they probably won’t be loved by you because your self racist views. stupid racist world we live in which they are people who hates themselves. Free your mind and your ass will follow

  59. John
    March 7th, 2012 @ 5:52 am

    I don’t find Asian attractive.

  60. Blossssom
    March 9th, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

    Now, this is what I call entertainment! From the blog to the responses!

    Yes, she’s a self-hating witch, but oh well. She’s just like the self-hating black man who puts down black women. She’s no different.

    “D” last year and David on 1/12/12 really hit it on the head for me.

    I wish Asian men the best in finding suitable Asian mates, if that is what they desire, and the courage to step outside of the race if they can’t find what they want at home.

    Living in the Bay Area, I see the author of this blog and her white god 24/7.

  61. Jim
    March 25th, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

    Whoever wrote this article is obviously narrowed-minded.

  62. Joey
    April 1st, 2012 @ 7:37 pm

    Funny thing is, when an Asian guy have a good body tall/strong/big john-john etc he always goes to White women, once you go real natural D-cup, you never go back to B-cup, I am an Asian guy and had only 1 half-Asian gf then I totally “gone white” some white girls are just so natural and dont want to try so hard be Asian not like my sister tried so hard to enlarge her eyes,I always tell her like: ok our family get small eyes, so what live with what you are given, do not torture yourself. she is with a good White guy now he tells her the same as what I said, he likes our culture too, not like her Asian exs joking about her eyes and our own culture even when I was around (so I almost kick his ass of course)

  63. Joey
    April 1st, 2012 @ 8:13 pm

    there is just so many Asians self-hating, I d rather date out of the race if there is so many in the race self-hating,

  64. Richard
    April 29th, 2012 @ 6:01 am

    Asian women are very beautiful. I haven’t met too many, only a few in my lifetime, so I can’t comment on their personalities. Hopefully I see more in my particular state in the future.

  65. Michelle
    May 4th, 2012 @ 5:54 pm

    I am an Asain woman and married a white man. I am very strong and confidence person and I often heard I have great body with nice cup size and round behind. My husband love me very much because I take good care of him very well but yet I won’t let him take advance of me. In my humble opinion I don’t find Asain men attractive to me, but if I date Asain men I won’t date Chinese men ever!!! They are very mean and rule people and they look down on people, I find that not good quality in human being.

  66. ricky ross
    May 20th, 2012 @ 4:18 pm

    your just a chinese whore all asian girls that date white guys are sluts that have been passed around through her community and ashamed of there own race damm sluts make me sad that these white men treat your grandfathers and fathers like trash bomb there country colonized and raped it and look at u sell out whore watch to much tv and it boils down to fittin in and money dumb ass tramps

  67. Maria
    May 23rd, 2012 @ 11:48 am

    I’m Indonesian girl and I don’t even care if you count myself as an Asian or not.
    I have boyfriend and he is an American guy.
    The first thing he said is ” White girs is boring ” Thank’s God I have natural brown skin so I don’t need to tan my skin lol
    The second is we are appetite and exotic just the way we are :)
    The last one is, we have big eyes without even put eyeliner or use a contact lense LOL

    So, I guess .. it shoul be better if you just open up your mind and admit your all weaknesses too :)
    This blog definitly subjective not objective as the reader expected to read.

    That’s all :)
    Thank you :)

    Peace !

  68. Arria
    May 30th, 2012 @ 5:24 pm

    The post made me laugh, the comments made me laugh harder. Everyone is offended haha. Why don’t people say this…in America where the population is mostly white you see whites dating whatever. Afterall there are only so many asian men to go around ( or is it just me there are more females than males?) I really don’t like asians who say I only date this or that, but I am totally not racist it is just a preference. Worst are the asians who consider asians who date other non asians self hating. Duno I never considered myself safe hating but I will try to remember not to be….Let me clue in everyone here, everyone is a little racist, unless you grew up in a racist protected cave on a deserted island. Btw the person who said the stuff about sex jokes was the most funny, are you apart of the mom association that believes showing sex is bad talking about it is bad, and the baby just gets delievered by your local grocer made to order.

  69. Johnny
    June 5th, 2012 @ 1:54 am

    I’m white and I agree with the author. Asian women are so desperate for white males. They become such easy targets. Might have something to do with their low self-esteem.

  70. Visaliny
    June 9th, 2012 @ 1:57 am

    What a hypocrite..Let me see, most Black,Indian and Middle Eastern men are tall,with huge package (especially black),open minded, culturally different than u and do gv u beautiful babies coz all babies are born beautiful and yet u only date ‘White’? Lmao.U Asians worship whiteness. Marrying a white guy put u in a different standard and look high upon ur stupid society.U r as disgusting as Hitler looking to hv a master race baby.It’s not love,it’s for ur own pride. U willing to reject ur own men whom are smarter,romantic and of course cute.Don’t forget that sometimes some white men treat Asians like sex slave because u guys are an easy target.Muslims (billions of them) don’t go for a bacon chick and most guys love Latinas.So don’t be so fuckin proud of ur race and ur palmed nose..bye bye :)

  71. Robert Griffith
    June 21st, 2012 @ 9:53 am

    Why all the hate. Race has nothing to do with it. I am a white male. I think with people from different parts of the coming together many Asian females are just finding out that many good men just happen to be white.

  72. unkown
    June 23rd, 2012 @ 12:27 am

    I live in in the westcosat dude and most of the asian girls I know refuse to date white guys in go for the black! I also beleive it’s just that the writter must live in a white community and has’nt seen the world

  73. unkown
    June 23rd, 2012 @ 12:28 am

    I live in in the westcosat dude and most of the asian girls I know refuse to date white guys in go for the black! I also beleive it’s just that the writter must live in a white community and has’nt seen the world:)

  74. rambo9
    July 2nd, 2012 @ 1:23 am

    i may be able to add some insight here. after spending 5 years in the orient, 1 in china,2 in japan and 2 in korea, i found much cruelty towards females. they couldn’t own property nor could they inherit. if they were lucky they would get a 6th grade education because school had to be paid for by the family, and girls were not considered worth it. they are taught by their mothers to be submissive. they are beaten and raped by the male members of their family, and this is not considered a crime!!! most of the women seen in porn were sold into that life with no say. and that same attitude has been passed down from father to i ask you, would you want to be married to someone like that? i am a white male and i grew up in a racially mixed neighborhood. i have dated all races in my life and if i didn’t stay with them it was personality, not color that was the reason. i am now married to a woman who is 1/2 korean and 1/2 chinese. we have been together for 40 years. i am not tall, i am not rich and i did have to teach her that she is not worthless. when we planned to marry i had to ask her father’s permission. he told me the only way that would happen was over his dead body. i told him to get his stinkin’ ass out in the street and i would take care of that right now!!! we went ahead and got married and they immediately disowned their only daughter. great group huh. we both split the work around the house. when she is sick i take care of her and vice-versa. if she yells and screams because she’s mad at the world i sit and listen until she runs out of steam because i know she’s not mad at me. if she is mad at me she doesn’t yell, we sit down and talk about it and whoever is in the wrong changes their behavior. and to address the physical stereotype you should remember that large breasts and wide hips look great at 20, but by the time they reach 40 gravity wins. my wife at 64 still looks 40 w/o makeup and about 25-30 with makeup. she will not go outside w/o being made up or without being dressed up nice, her choice not mine and she doesn’t even own a pair of sweats. if you can find that rarity in any race, marry them and bless your good fortune. things have gotten better for women in the orient due mostly to pressure from the U.S.. those asian women born and raised here are brought up differently than their home country but the attitude among asian men is pervasive. so if you really wonder why the attraction between w/m and a/w this is the best explanation i can give from a lifetime of experience.

  75. Ming
    July 14th, 2012 @ 5:40 pm


    I think you pass your time. It is the West whom stole and raped our Asian community. Check with your ancestor and read up on history about cruel mis-treatment against the East (or against the world). The world has changed and Asia had improve in way that you can’t imagine.

  76. Ming
    July 14th, 2012 @ 5:47 pm


    also, there is a new perspective for you of why white man like asian female. Despite of the fact that all asian female looks a like to you. Some white man can live out your homosexuality by choosing a female trapped in a little boy/girl body. These white dude are pedalfile waiting to erupt. Don’t believe me .. I sure you are familiar with Pattaya in Thailand.

  77. Futureman
    July 30th, 2012 @ 4:43 am

    I had a great time reading most of these posts… my personal favorites being the ones that took the original piece a bit too seriously- c’mon… we really get that pissed off about penis size jokes still? This is the internet… penis size joke capital of… well… everything. But one theme came up a couple of times and every time that it did, I felt that cringe in the pit of my stomach that tells me that the rants went from crude/offensive-but-funny to just plain offensive in the comments.

    I am referring to quotes like this:

    “Some white man can live out your homosexuality by choosing a female trapped in a little boy/girl body. These white dude are pedalfile waiting to erupt.”

    I feel like comments like this are off base even for the internet for 3 main reasons (Spelling and grammar errors not included):

    1) This comment and comments like it- although meant to hurt the guy who you are flaming really just make light of what I think most people would agree is the most vile act that one person can do to another person on this planet. If you want to make the gentleman who said he has loved his wife for 40 years feel like a jerk for giving his opinion… then call him old… or stupid… or stupid and old… whatever it is, keep the focus on him and what he said… don’t just say the meanest thing that you can think of because his happy marriage of 40 years offends you in some way. Resorting to calling someone a wanna be pedophile just makes you look like a dirtball.

    2) I guess that it has never really made any sense to me as to why people always go with the “guys who like petite girls wish they could be with 12 year old boys” argument because nobody EVER says it about any other body type. If a girl is into fat guys is she part lesbian because she like big ol’ man boobs? Is a gay guy who likes effeminate men actually a closeted heterosexual? By this logic, nobody is ever allowed to have a ‘type’ for anything ever.

    and finally

    3) WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON CALLING PETITE GIRLS AND 13 YEAR OLD BOYS IDENTICAL? I was a 13 year old boy once…. and I did NOT look like a petite girl… I was tall, gangly, and bad at shaving. Just about the only qualities that I shared with a petite woman was the fact that I had a small chest. Guess what? I’m 32 and I STILL have no chest… can I still pass as a 13 year old? Not by a long shot. I get the reference… but it just isn’t accurate. Most 13 year old boys in America are overweight anyway, aren’t they? Isn’t that the word on the street? Americans are all super fat? I must have missed the statistic where all of our fatness comes in after the age of 14.

  78. Fu
    July 30th, 2012 @ 8:15 am

    Most white woman have more curves and are much bigger in comparison to Asian females. So to a white dude, asian female seems like a boy to him in comparison. And it’s a possibility that some (white) dude does treat asian female as such.

  79. Jew
    July 30th, 2012 @ 8:48 am

    People can live their life however they want. But they should also consider the life of their offsprings as well. In America, people just seek immediate happiness but their sons and daughters will have to pay for the decision you had made. This is just my opinion, I rather not participate in this american experiment. You can have your own .. ‘to mix or not to mix’.

  80. Fu
    July 30th, 2012 @ 9:00 am

    oh, there is the reference about American GIs, Vietnamese Women and Children. You can see the effects of American hegemony and effects on society.

    “Many GIs formed relationships with Vietnamese women. The women worked at military bases
    as cashiers, waitresses, laundresses, and secretaries. It’s not surprising that many thousands of
    young American men who were far from home looked for female companionship. Whether they
    sought sex, comfort, friendship, or mothering, there were a lot of needs on all sides. The
    women were often struggling to survive while their husbands, boyfriends, fathers or brothers
    were away fighting. Despite these women’s dire situations, many of their fellow countrymen
    looked down on them for entering relationships with Americans. Vietnamese public opinion
    considered them no better than prostitutes.

    Vietnamese women often lived with their American boyfriends, and referred to them as
    “husbands,” regardless of their actual marital status. Relationships usually ended when the
    soldier had finished his tour of duty and went home. Some men left without telling their
    Vietnamese girlfriends. Others made promises they never kept. Some men married their
    girlfriends, or at least proposed to them. Once back home, the men faced bureaucratic hurdles
    trying to bring their girlfriends or wives to the United States. Saigon fell to the Communists
    before some of them could finish the paperwork, trapping their women in Vietnam. In other
    cases, women refused to go to the States, either because they did not want to leave their
    country, or because they had family obligations keeping them in Vietnam.

    Mai Thi Kim, Heidi Bub’s mother, had an affair with a naval officer who promised to help her
    struggling family. “I had sacrificed for my children, for food and clothes,” Kim said. “Because my
    husband left without saying anything.” Kim knew the American was going to leave, but did not
    know the exact date. When she found out he was gone, she was four months pregnant with his
    child. A friend of his comforted her, saying that the boyfriend had not wanted to make her cry.
    The friend took Kim to her boyfriend’s room, and told her she was welcome to any possessions
    he had left behind. When Kim saw that her boyfriend had not taken her picture with him, she still
    believed he loved her, but she understood that he had a wife and that she wouldn’t be hearing
    from him again. She left the room carrying the photograph with her.

    Vietnamese women who had American boyfriends or had borne a child of an American suffered
    from their society’s disapproval. They might be beaten or rejected by their parents, and most
    Vietnamese men would not even consider marrying them. Mai Thi Kim said, ” When you gave
    birth to a mixed kid, in the countryside, they hold many prejudice against you… I was very
    bitter and shameful when they looked down on me that way.”

  81. ABC
    July 30th, 2012 @ 10:28 am

    Quote from “rambo9″

    ‘i may be able to add some insight here. after spending 5 years in the orient, 1 in china,2 in japan and 2 in korea, i found much cruelty towards females.’

    I think he is quite wrong. One of the riches person in China is a female. I think he really past his time. He is stuck in the colonial/imperialist period.

  82. Global Citizen
    July 30th, 2012 @ 11:39 pm

    The day when race ceases to be a dividing line is the day when everybody has the same standard of living AND wants nothing more than the next person. Issues such as race, gender, religion will always be projected as differences in our minds by the media and used by the power elites to manipulate and divide us. We need to remind ourselves that the notions of beauty and power, of right and wrong, of nations and individual are all subject to external influences. We need strive for neutrality and objectivity when confronting something new and “different”.

  83. random
    July 31st, 2012 @ 6:25 am

    When a Vietnamese girl marries a White guy, it’s because of love. When she marries
    a Vietnamese guy, it’s because of her parents
    This quote brought me back to the “I must save Asian women from the evil Asian men”

    This quote brought me back to the “I must save Asian women from the evil Asian men”
    mentality found in some Caucasian men. It’s similar to @rambo9 message. One word to some up his message is “delusional”.

  84. nf
    July 31st, 2012 @ 11:08 am

    more than 95% of the asian girls that white guys go out with are the good looking girls. white guys don’t chase after the ordinary asian girls. i’ve seen lots of white guys/asian girl couples and all of the girls were way above average looking, which is totally opposite of what the author wrote.

  85. Heather Johnson
    August 2nd, 2012 @ 3:19 am

    Hey Asian guys, don’t worry, I got your back ;) Here’s an article I wrote about how Asian Boys Are Better :)

    “Once you go Asian, you can’t go Caucasian!”

  86. xoxo
    August 10th, 2012 @ 11:55 pm

    The “colour” which owns Horrywood becomes that gold standard which immature narcissistic people
    strive towards.

  87. John
    August 12th, 2012 @ 1:34 pm

    All these racial generalizations make me laugh. I hope all you people know the world doesnt give two shits about your opinions and racist comments. Asian men and fat western woman hate this and troll to feel like they are better. You can tell by how they assume your asian girlfriend came from a gogo bar or whore house LOL. I guess that’s the last desperate thing they can say. Let me fill you in..guys getting girls in gogobars or whorehouses are getting exactly that, whores. They’re whores all over the world. Do you hear people say, “oh she’s white so she must work for an escort service, dirty whore” Why dont you hear this? Because asian women dont stoop as low to call people they dont know, whores. A trait popular among fat western women and enraged asian men. Peace bitches.

  88. White..
    August 27th, 2012 @ 2:16 am

    First I think this is quite disgusting… And it shows how Asian women are your basic whores. They will sell out their own kind for money, perceived prestige and for whiteness …. As if they can ever be white and if godforbid the whores has children they again will never be WHITE!!! You and your filthy kids will always be Asians like mulattos are blacks… You can only be white if you are pure European!!!! And more Europeans hate Asian bitches cuz they know what you are really all about… Only stupid American white men fall for the stupid Asian bitches fake stories and pretense… Some day you will figure out they are only golddigging nasty STD infested sluts that conned you into thinking they actually love you… Shit they love noone.. Not even their own family.. They will drop them and their culture for a white cock and his pocketbook… Well if you are stupid to believe their lies you deserve to get fucked over.. And have you heard the way they talk it’s downright disgusting and demeaning.. Sorry white nor black chicks would never behave like that .. They have honour which you loser weak white men confuse being outspoken or bossy…
    And body type… Really since when are mosquito bites and lack of a pevis attractive… Only if you want to fuck a teenage boy… And have you noticed how american Asian women in the US are fat… I mean fatter than the white chicks. And they still have no tits and ass but blubber hanging off their arms, legs and stomach with their skin colour like icemachine slime yellow… So Nasty I wouldn’t fuck it if you paid me a million pounds!!! And some guys said they look good when they get older … He’ll dude you need to get your cataracts removed cus they cut their hair short and wear clothes that make them look like old Asian men..
    So you idiots keep ur ugly Asian whores and I will keep our beautiful European girls that have curves and look are beautiful women when older even with some extra pounds they are hotter than any Asian bitch… Stay with your own kind gooks!!!! Us white men want white women so we can have real beautiful babies not slanted fish smelling counts like you… :)

  89. James
    September 1st, 2012 @ 6:36 pm

    Eeeeeeeughhhh!!! The yellow race is ugly as hell, that’s why even within their race they wish to have white characteristics. Lets start with eyes that you would have to use tweezers to see them. Pudgy round flat noses, now that’s disgusting. Big round heads that are flat in the back and small stature. Last but not leas let us not forget jaundice colored skin which they try to bleach white and pin straight hair on top of a Big Head which is flat in the back. Now that is seriously UGLY!!! No wonder she wants to date out of her race and commit race suicide. I don’t blame her. Starting with the fact that she is Chinese their nasty, and smelly who pick their nose and blow snot in the street.

  90. James
    September 1st, 2012 @ 6:39 pm

    The only yellow race people who have decent personalities are South Koreans and Japanese. Chinese people are GROSSSSS!!!!

  91. White..
    September 2nd, 2012 @ 3:24 pm

    Nawww the nasty ones are Filipino .. Wait do they count they are not Asian … Next Malay/Indonesian/Thai nasty Hos that only want to make themselves whiter… Yes they all use bleaching cream… I on the otherhand have beautiful creamy skin in winter and bronze skin in the summer … Al natural of course!!! :)

    October 5th, 2012 @ 3:15 am

    Hello there I am so delighted I found your site, with so many asian girls with
    black men I really found you by accident, while I was researching on Digg for something else, Regardless I am here now
    and would just like to say kudos for a great variety collection of remarkable hot asian girls post and a all round thrilling blog

  93. Bello
    October 8th, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

    I had to reply to what this article stated, I can attest to the fact I adore Asian Women. They have such a natural beauty and they sure know how to treat a White male.
    As far as the white males package. it is true!
    We,Italian White Men, have that well sized package that they adore.
    So if any of you Asian Cuties care to meet and encounter a true male, contact me any time.

  94. Larissa
    October 16th, 2012 @ 6:01 pm

    Maigal, one thing I admired about your blog is that you have guts girl. However, I’m not too sure your criteria would pass mustard for finding a ‘soulmate.’ Kudos to mcluvin, and Joe you are entitled to your opinion just like everybody else. Back to Maigal, much of what you said appear to be still quite popular. I mean my girls (Asian-American women friends) say pretty much the same things (i.e. about their preferences). Hey I see it this way: It is what it is and to each her own. Lol, in reference to your “Once you go black, you never go back!” Like I said, girl you got guts.

  95. Larissa
    October 17th, 2012 @ 12:10 pm

    Gee, I hope this criteria isn’t the rule Maigal, i.e. as far as finding a soulmate, because your list and its explanations seem a bit shallow and superficial. But then again, it’s your opinion and you, like everybody else here, are entitled to it. Kudos to you mcluvin and Joe your opinion here is valued just everybody else’s. Hmm … is that why my Asian-American male friends are having such a hard time finding a mate? I say this because they seem to have an exclusive preference for Asian-American women. Perhaps for their sake, they need to learn and take a page out of the Asian-American women’s play-book. In other words, guys you might need to look and date and marry outside your group or else bet your i-phones you’ll be lonely and depressed for the rest of your life. Maigal, you have guts. But like my good friend would say, “It is what it is and to each her own.”

  96. Ahaha
    October 29th, 2012 @ 1:20 am

    You know, I’m going to save this article for my great-grandchildren to open up decades down the line and be shocked at the blatant racism. Shit like this is the kind of shit we as a society become embarrassed about years down the line. Good job. You’re the kind of person who would’ve said “I stay away from blackies for X Y Z reasons” back in the 40s. Oh man.

  97. redblossoms
    November 11th, 2012 @ 2:41 am

    Maigal, I’m Chinese American too and I love your refreshingly honest post! Really appreciate your honesty and directness. Especially since we Asian women don’t tend to mouth off loudly enough for the world to hear–where are the Asians on Jerry Springer? (easy, in the accounting department!) But you’re doing a great job telling it like it is!

    Here’s the real reason why Asian women often prefer white men: Social status and being “man enough”.

    White men tend to have the highest social status, high levels of education, and professionally be in more positions of power than men of other races.

    Both white men and women are still regarded as having the most attractive facial features inthe world.

    White men feel “man enough” for me. I can’t say the same for Asian men. My grandparents were mostly from the north of China and for some reason Chinese men south of Shanghai tend to look a effeminate to me. As a result I don’t feel any sexual attraction. Of course there are exceptions but this is commonly the case.

    Black and Latino men have lower social status, are less educated, and hold fewer positions of power. They’re also a little “too manly” for me. Endowment-wise I have little to complain but looking at their communities with so many young single mothers, what looks like a phobia of contraceptives, drugs, and marital instability white men still look like the better option.

  98. rambo9
    November 13th, 2012 @ 2:20 am

    for ming, gee that’s funny. i can tell my wife from other asian women, i can usually tell korean from japanese from chinese etc,etc. there are distinct differences that can be seen if you bother to pay attention another stereotype shot in the ass!! as for white. i get so tired of listening to this ignorant b/s. if your life is so screwed up, do us a favor and step off a bridge over the freeway somewhere. whether you like it or not in the end you are going to lose, people don’t listen to close minded shitheads any more.

  99. rambo9
    November 13th, 2012 @ 2:33 am

    for futureman; just goes to show that the difference between ming, and white, is really nonexistent. give them a weapon and they woul try to take each other out, over an argument they agree on.

  100. Rodney
    November 15th, 2012 @ 2:46 am

    Asian women from east asia er popular for white men. But if white men must go to Asia to get a wife it is something wrong with this country. Did white women treat white men so bad that they must go to Asia to get a whife? That will be the end for our white culture. If you have problem to get live with and get a white wife, -go to Asia and by a white. Is that love?

  101. JustAnotherGuy
    November 15th, 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    Well, I have to say the girls honest. And to be fair, white guys have pretty much the same reasons for dating asian girls- minus the no white girls available thing.

    Some white guys just have a preference for them. They taste better and make great babies.

    Men look for certain qualities in women. And men aren’t looking for certain qualities in women- and the list is long for that one. But I don’t need to get into that. Asian women fit the bill for both, so sympatico! Rock on. Get married. Make supermodels. And take over the world. Not a bad way to go through life at all.

  102. divine_conciousness
    December 2nd, 2012 @ 5:15 am

    Maigal….you represent everything that disguesses me and makes me want to puke.
    Please, please, please don’t reproduce; we already have enough dum-dums on this planet and plus there is plenty of kids available for adoption and plus you will be doing this place, this realm this universe and the entire cosmos heck the entire existence a Great favor…….

  103. Jasmine Li
    December 7th, 2012 @ 2:44 pm

    Sounds like the author generalizes white & asian men. But that is only her opinion and she is certainly entitled to it. I am a CBC (canadian born chinese) who has dated mainly white men and my current partner is white. The white guys I have dated had looks that ranged from below average to very handsome. Some were well endowed. Some tiny…. Some were tall & and the shortest one was 5′ 8″.

    I’m petite but in no way boyish in shape. I have a well defined butt and killer legs that look great in yoga pants & leggings. My butt is so curvy that I sometimes have to conceal it in dark clothing. Lol. I’m serious! No, I’m not fat. I’m skinny & curvy.

    Why so much hate on this board?

  104. Jane
    December 9th, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

    Upon reading this post, there is only ONE i have to agree with “Maigal” and that is one usually don’t find many tall Asian men.

    This is just my opinnion so i hope you can take it with a grain of salt, but i think woman seek men who can protect them so they regard height is one major factor. Some one that will stand up for them when danger looms. So I think most of us woman want a tall mate for that reason. If we are in danger and need someone to protect us a short skinny Asian men will probably get knocked out and it’s just really sad. So i don’t blame her for seeking a tall men.

  105. ted
    January 4th, 2013 @ 2:01 pm

    Everything she said is correct. Everyone’s objections center around the fact that she isnt pretending that everyone is the same. They aren’t. You should all try to learn something instead of masturbating your politically correct fantasies. Nice to hear from redblossoms also.

  106. John
    January 31st, 2013 @ 8:21 pm

    There are tradeoffs in any relationship. White men may seem cool and sexy when they’re young, but whites age much faster than Asians. This means that when they reach middle age, they begin to look much older than most Asian women of the same age. That’s why you see these old white men with Asian women who look young enough to be their daughter. They may actually be the same age, but he is no longer young and sexy looking, while she still is. This can lead to some awkward situations for both the man and the woman. Also, statistically Asian men have more education and earn more money than their white counterparts. This might not seem important when you’re young, but once people get married, have kids, and are struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to pay for their kids’ college education, this suddenly becomes very important. And there is the white stereotype of Asian women as exotic and submissive to deal with. This is not to say that Asian women should not pair with white men. There are many happy and successful Asian woman / white man couples, just as there are many happy and successful Asian woman / Asian man couples and white woman / white man couples. The key is to understand the trade offs, and to be clear in your own mind what you want and what you are willing to trade off for.

  107. Dannyboy
    February 5th, 2013 @ 10:01 pm

    I think the phrase she was looking for was, “Once you go white, you want it every night!” Hahahaha :P

  108. John Lee
    February 7th, 2013 @ 4:27 pm

    There are tradeoffs in any relationship. White men may seem cool and sexy when they’re young, but whites age much faster than Asians. This means that when they reach middle age, they begin to look much older than most Asian women of the same age. That’s why you see these old white men with Asian women who look young enough to be their daughter. They may actually be the same age, but he is no longer young and sexy looking, while she still is. This can lead to some awkward situations for both the man and the woman. Also, statistically Asian men have more education and earn more money than their white counterparts. This might not seem important when you’re young, but once you get married, have kids, and are struggling to make ends meet and figure out how to pay for your kids’ college education, this suddenly becomes very important. And there is the white stereotype of Asian women as exotic and submissive to deal with. This is not to say that Asian women should not pair with white men. There are many happy and successful Asian woman / white man couples, just as there are many happy and successful Asian woman / Asian man couples and white woman / white man couples. The key is to understand the trade offs, and to be clear in your own mind what you want and what you are willing to trade off for.

  109. Cameron
    March 3rd, 2013 @ 5:22 pm

    I’m a 6’2 white male and my girlfriend is 50% Vietnamese who is 4’11 1/2 and I came across this article by complete chance the whole “package” part made perfect sense and pretty much everything else you wrote about! .Thank you!

  110. get real
    March 7th, 2013 @ 12:45 am

    I think the whole article is stereotypical. Shouldn’t you love a man or women for his character not his color…LOL

    You can end up very unhappy for a long time, dating someone based off his race/ skin color.

    My boyfriend is thai and I am black. I have dated and been sought after by all races of men.

    I didn’t choose him based off his race, but his character as a man and his intelligence.

    He is 5″10″, good looking, fair skinned, Open minded and built nicely. My mom thinks he looks native american… He models part time too. Asian men can be just as sexy, as a pale white man…LOL

  111. yoyo
    March 27th, 2013 @ 9:17 pm

    I am an Asian woman, I disagree with the blogger’s opinions. I think most men still prefer to date women of their own race. I actually feel shamed of this article. Not every asian woman is pretty, also I do find whitte girls are more attractive and sexier. They just don’t take care of themselves as well as most Asian women do.

  112. James
    April 29th, 2013 @ 10:21 pm

    This bitch is clearly a whore who works in massage parlours servicing anyone and anything for the price of a cup of noodles.

    In the process, this prostitute has forgotten her parents, ancestors and millions of people who have died for her so she can live happily and peacefully. And here she goes spreading her legs to the loser men who cannot score a real white beautiful women. Shame on you. Burn in hell. Interracial kids hate their chinese whore-moms. Go read all their blogs, they totally hate it dont born a kid into a living hell stupid bitch.

  113. Women Seeking Older Men
    May 7th, 2013 @ 7:39 am

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  114. Terry
    May 12th, 2013 @ 5:48 pm

    There are a lot of generalizations in this article which do not always (or do not often apply). The author said that a White family won’t be judgmental. Really? There are many families of all races that are very judgmental. The author is lucky she hasn’t encountered the family with the uneasy, forced smiles who think that their son is big hearted to date her. The author apparently is foreign born when she calls White culture “foreign culture.” I always thought that Asian women born in the US (in other words Americans of Asn descent) liked White guys over Asian guys who were immigrants bc they wanted to be with someone more in keeping with American culture. OTOH, there are also Asian guys born in the US, monolingual in English and very much American men. Asian women who insist on dating only White are in the end shortchanging themselves. True, it might take more work sifting through the Asian guys and having to decide: Is he “too Asian”? or Is he “too Western/too American”? OTOH, meeting the different individuals might end up being a lot of fun and a great way to find “Mr. Right.”

  115. Jason
    May 20th, 2013 @ 8:48 am

    The white male /asian female attraction is probably evolutionary. They possess very different genes of course. They are going to be attractive to white males and they are going to get a lot of semen coming in their direction – no big surprise.

  116. CSTran
    May 22nd, 2013 @ 1:24 am

    I was especially interested in this article because I have recently started online dating. Almost half of the Asian women posted that they prefer only white men. I couldn’t believe it. I knew there was a high demand for them, but to not even consider your own race is a shame. I feel exactly how black women feel about white women. “They keep snatching up all our good-looking brothers.”

  117. Jack
    June 4th, 2013 @ 1:05 am

    Here’s Why Most White Guys Love Asian Women…

    I’m a 5’11″ White guy and I agree wholeheartedly! Asian women are the MOST beautiful women on this planet… and, if I may say, in the universe. All my white-guy friends think so, too!

    White guys are not so picky about Asian women because we think almost all of them are so beautiful. They are also so interesting.

    White guys don’t care if Asian women are over 40 yrs. old like Asian men do. Why? Because even at 40 yrs. old an Asian women looks like she’s 25 compared to her white counterpart that often looks 55 at 40.

    White guys are usually very open minded about cultural differences. They like a challenge and it keeps life so interesting.

    Their skin. Wow! The Asian woman’s skin is unbelievably smooth and silky… even in old age! There’s no cream a white woman can use to get that.

    White guys love the Asian accent and the high-pitched voice that most Asian women have.

    If you place the most beautiful white woman you can find next to an average Asian woman… the Asian woman will win every time, hands-down! Why? Because they know they are beautiful and it shows and because they know they are a WOMAN… NOT A MAN like western women seem to be confused with.

    And the most desirable reason white men love Asian women is because they selflessly take care of their man…(and the man, hopefully, reciprocates) they NEVER compete with him… always thinking about his well being. That’s an extremely rare quality with white western women which generally died out in the late ’50s.

    There you have it white western women… read it and LEARN!!!

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    June 9th, 2013 @ 11:27 pm

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  119. Sayuri
    July 3rd, 2013 @ 12:47 pm

    yoyo/ Are you nuts? White girls take better care of themselves then asian girls. LOL They are so much better at make up & fashion & stuffs.. I’m an asian girl(half korean & half japanese) and I don’t want any ‘western’ look. hell nah.. I love my own race and I want my kids to look like myself. so I’ll get an asian guy and preserve my race then destroy it. Skin bleaching… We Northeast Asian people are just naturally pale unlike southeast asian people.. Like south europeans are naturally tan. Asia is biggest continent and not all asian people are same. and yeah This article is utter bullshit…

  120. asian beauty
    July 26th, 2013 @ 1:55 am

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  121. Wow...
    August 30th, 2013 @ 2:24 pm

    There are so many sweeping generalizations here. I’d just like to point out that the writer does not speak on behalf of all Asian women. I am a mixed Korean and Irish/Italian woman. Honestly, I have dated more white men than any other race, but that doesn’t mean that I exclusively date/prefer white men. I’ve been attracted to all sorts of men. African-American, African-American/Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/Mexican, African-American/Asian, Middle Eastern, Puerto Rican, Korean, Japanese, Philipino/Caucasian, etc. etc. I love who I am and I can appreciate the beauty of all races. So all of the stereotypes and assumptions do not apply here. To say that any Asian woman who dates outside of her race is self-hating and only wants to produce mixed children is absurd. If any of you ever said that to my face, then we’d have a problem. My mother(Korean) married my father(Caucasian) because she loves him. They’re still together after 26 years. To say that white men only date Asian women because they’re afraid to date independent, strong women is a joke. I take care of myself, make my own money, have my own car, and my own dreams. So get over yourselves.

  122. JAG
    September 5th, 2013 @ 9:22 pm

    At one point do sterotypes become reality for you people. She’s telling you why. If you don’t want to believe it, fine. But the fact is she’s right. And I know she’s right because I’ve been there so many times, I can’t even count them all.

    Asian women are made for White men, and vice versa. The proof is in the children and the “FACT” that asian/white couples are the wealthiest on Planet Earth among all mixes/non-mixes/humans/non-humans.

    That’s a fact, and the sooner you wrap your brain around it the sooner you’ll realize that in 30 years, those asian/white hybrids will be the genetic and financial elite. And you inbred Amish/Asian monkeys will be their bitch. The end.

  123. Tommy
    September 17th, 2013 @ 5:59 am

    Her argument is full of holes and contradictions.

    Point 3 is completely hypocritical. She basically says Asian women avoid Asian blokes to go for white guys to get offspring with white genes because white is more beautiful. That being the case, does she not think that white guys generally avoid Asian women for that very reason? In her world, if an Asian woman goes after a White guy, this is upgrading. If must therefore follow that if a white guy goes after an Asian woman then this is downgrading.

    Point 6 also contradicts her earlier statement. She begins by opening that white guys seek Asian women’s ‘petite bodies’ that don’t ‘super-size’ after babies. Yet point 6 supposes that white guys are more accepting of Asian girls of all weight and appearance and are ‘less critical’.

  124. Daniel
    October 3rd, 2013 @ 8:26 am

    Even I am white and my woman is asian I dont like what she write here. It is selfhating asian woman who hate men of her own race. When she say that asian males are to small for her,- asian femalese are small to. They are often to small for us tall white guys. Asian females often worship our white ass and tell they want “white” babies. But asians have stronger genes than whites, so blue or green eyes, blond hair, big eyes etc will dicapear in the text generation.
    Asian girls can not run away from their ovaries.
    And AF/WM can not only get euroasian babygirls.
    Thei can actually also get sons. Will they hate their own son if they are a self hating asian bitch and rasist? I will never date an asian females who only want me because my of my white skincolor.
    She is not better than a white guy with yellow fever. I think asian girls mainly are cute and kind, but not all of them are that. Some of them are very bad to, like other women. What I like best with asian women? – The big black silky hair and the feminin face. The asian body is cute, but not hot. They are small an thin, mostly.

  125. Mike
    October 7th, 2013 @ 2:54 pm

    Asian woman date white men specifically because it means they made it! They come to this country and the they do one of two things, open or work at a nail salon or perform “massages” pronounced “masawza.” They reason why WHITE boys love ASIAN women is simple, they are SUBSURVIENT women who will do anything. Ask them to pee in a cup and they will do it. They all have the same stupid laugh when they are performing for their WHITE master “hee-hee…hee-hee.”

    My girlfriend and I laugh when ever we see a white guy and Asian girl walking together….We only wish they would stay the HELL out of Santa Monica…

    Asian woman, move to cities like Rowland Heights, Temple City, Walnut, CA (not Walnut Creek) and continue to ruin their tight-nit communities!!!!!! Go and purchase every piece of property you can find, convert it into “Noodle Land” inundate the high schools, so there are no longer any WHITES or any other race in the area and GRAB your WHITE BOYS, so can feel a sense of entitlement. In other words, you made it in life because you have a white boy on your arm!

    All of you almond eye shaped maggots make me sick! if I had enough Dental Floss, I would blind fold all of you and piss on your faces.

  126. Mike
    October 7th, 2013 @ 2:56 pm


    you are an idiot! white women DOMINATE!!! It’s you Visor and glove wearing gooks that try so ridiculously hard to be like WHITE women, it’s hilarious!!!! Stay in the rice fields, the gorgeous women of Los Angeles/ Santa Monica do not need help from any of you maggots!!!

    That’s what’s up!!

  127. Mike
    October 7th, 2013 @ 3:06 pm

    All Asian bitches are gold digging whores!!! Pre-requisite for dating an Asian Whore, I mean Asian women..Sorry:


    Job: More than the average man

    Type: Subsurvient

    Vehicle you must purchase for your ASIAN WHORE: Mercedes Benz – pronounced “mursayteeezzz”

    Your job: Doctor, Lawyer or more than Bill Gates

    Are you WHITE with a six figure income???

    You are 3/4 of the way there!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  128. Mike
    October 7th, 2013 @ 3:13 pm

    OR you can just watch like Julie Chang from Good Day L.A. in the morning! She has her token WHITE boy!!!

    She is just another GOOK trying to be WHITE!!!!

    Sadly you maggots don’t understand you are ASAIN, not CaucAsian!

  129. whiteguylovesasianwomen
    October 29th, 2013 @ 8:36 pm

    i am a 49 yr old white male, ive dated white and asian but married a latina. im divorced now and in the last 10 yrs have dated vietnamise, filipina, and indonesian women. some from this country and some from those mentioned above.
    its true, asian women are just more exotic, but TO ME. maybe im exotic to the asian women ive been with. mostly we dated because of the strong chemistry.
    i hate it when some asian women think i have yellow fever. well. ok… i do. so what. does it piss you off because i prefer darker skin, strait silky smooth darker hair, almond eyes, high cheek bones, thick sensual lips, petite shaply bodies, and high intelligence.

    come to think of it, i look at russian women as the “white asians” because they have the same characteristics as asian women but with white skin. take a good look next time you see one. you will see im right. in fact, russian/ukrainian are my second choice of beauty in women.

    i think maigal is totally correct in what she wrote. all the asians i have dated ALL wanted and talked about how beautiful our kids would be, lol, but it was i who wanted a little mixed daughter who looked more asian like her mother, except with my green eye color, and for those who say it cant be done, bullshit, yes those are recesive genes, but like all mutations, some make it thru.

    tho it is bullshit white guys are better than any other male, we are just different. each race should be proud of who and what they are. and yes, we are “larger” its just fact. but we aint the biggest… lol… but like my asian women have said, its plenty big, esp when i first had sex with my fiance from jakarta, i was going slow as to not to hurt her, and she told me how great i felt inside her, and she was completely full.. when i replied i wasnt even in half way yet… ya… hehe… true story… even she still laughs at that.

    i have a close family relation who is married to a beautiful young woman from the phillipines, whose women, in my opinion, are THE most beautiful in the world… why, might u ask ? mixed genes… native filipinos mixed with of course the ever present chinese, mixed with the conquering spaniards, mixed finally with the american caucasian genes from the beginning of the last century…. hell, even my indo gal is half chinese… lots of love to the chinese ! who inhabit every country in the world and bring the best food with them and dont shut themselves out, but mix into each culture they live in but still honoring their “chineseness”, unlike the arabs/middle easterners who dont… sorry, i guess i do have some problems with not liking persians. im working on it. although i do love to tell “persians” that persia doesnt exist anymore… ur freaking iranian ! deal with it… i know i know… arabs arent persian. in fact they would punch me if i called them that.. but as most ignorant white people, i bunch “them” all together.

    in fact, middle eastern women, even the most sexiest, i wont date. well, for sure an israeli, sure…. one of the cutest gals i have seen was half chinese, half israeli… but for some reason, i just cant get over my horrible prejudice for middle easterners… maybe its their arrogant attitudes. both women and men. u know, like the shahs of sunset. lol… so strange eh? i would date black, white, would love to date a real native american, latinas, asians, south pacific islanders, brazilian, eastern european, baltic state women, greek, india indian, but not middle east women.. maybe we need a new blog on why… :)

  130. E.O
    December 11th, 2013 @ 3:01 pm

    Good afternoon!

    This article is completely stupid. Although I am Latino, 70% of my heritage is white of the Southern Euro type (dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin), and I noticed I am popular among Asian girls, mostly Japanese, Filipino and Singaporean girls, although I am not the one actively looking for one as a girlfriend but rather the opposite.

    My current girlfriend is from Japan, and my girlfriend and the few Asian girls that I have met, they tell me they like my big eyes (Southern Europeans and Latinos we have bigger eyes than white Americans or Northern Europeans), and my wavy dark hair and passion.

    I have heard that many Asian girls (particularly those living in the US) do not date Latinos because we are considered “low class” in comparison with WASPS. Is this true? I ask because I am Latino, and my family comes from a middle class background back in my country(we used to be upper-middle class until recently), and to be honest, middle and upper-middle class Latinos in Latin America we are far better looking and better dressed than White Americans of the same socio-economic background as us on average.

    Thank you for your answers in anticipation.


  131. ktothelee
    January 15th, 2014 @ 8:02 pm

    jesus christ! i know this is old but how much do you hate yourself?

    i wrote this on another forum recently and people actually responded well to it. read this and get educated you brain washed dummy. and for your information “Asia” is huge and filled with a lot of different kinds of people from culture to genes. I for one am Korean and have completely different genetic makeup from a chinese or japanese person. hence we look nothing alike. thank god cause a lot of chinese people are ugly.

    also more than 50% of white families do not like you if you aren’t white. do you think racism is a myth?

    okay, so 90% of the posts on this topic is so ridiculous that I had to log on to give the people who really want to talk about this a real answer. To those that just want to troll… troll away. I have nothing to say to you.

    I want to start by telling you that I am a Korean American. I am 28, 5’11, 170lbs, i work out a lot and have a very athletic physic, and i know i’m good looking as shit. Women tell me that i’m hot all the time, but i dont need them to validate my own confidence. I know i’m hot cause i have a goddamn mirror. And i start by saying this b/c i don’t want to hear any of your stupid ignorant stereotypes about me, my race, or my family, cause my family looks just like me. We’re just a bunch of very intelligent, muscular, good looking people, and i bet my house that i’m better looking than you.

    I hear a lot of the stereo types of “weak, low self esteemed, nerdy, asian guy.” I’m here to tell you that that type of asian does exist, but that type of white, black, latino, also exists. But to say asian men are weak… Can i let you in on a little secret? I’ve been to Korea many many times, (I love it there. So much fun.) Guess what boys that think they’re tough… every korean male has to go into the military at the age of 18. 90% of the men in that country have gone through the “learn to kill factory”. Which means 90% of the male population over the age of 18 can kill you with their bare hands. the population of korea is over 50 million. So if 50% of the population is male, then that leaves us with roughly 25 million. subtract that by total by 20% under 18 and then subtract that again with another 20% for men over 50. So by the numbers, there are 15 million men in that country that can kill you with their bare hands, not to mention all the kids that take martial arts classes. So how weak are Koreans? not that weak, definitely stronger than you at least.

    now that that’s out of the way lets get into the topic at hand. ” Why do Asian women love White me so much?” It’s a question i asked myself for years, then stopped thinking about it, then mused on the subject again well after college. The answer isn’t as complicated as we think. it’s actually quite obvious. It’s our media, pop culture, hollywood. Everything and anything we see on TV, movies, magazines, billboard adds growing up wasn’t as diverse as it is today… and we all know it’s not that diverse today either so can you imagine what it was like growing up in the 80s and 90s? the movie JUNGLE FEVER was taboo at the time!

    So imagine yourself being a little asian american girl growing up in a country whose population was well over 50% whites. and in that country of 50% whites, all they ever showed in movies and tvs was hot white girls and hot white men. And in the magazines with all these hot white male models, and on the radio is the dark and dangerous and edgy (still good looking) white musicians, and you have all these other hot women all over these hot guys… what do you think is going to happen to that little girl when she grows up? she’s going to naturally think white men attractive because they threw it in her face 24-7 until she got to the age of being sexually active. Don’t believe me? Well then, lets look at KPOP to answer this debate.

    As much as I hate KPOP i also realize that it’s one culture (i am very much american) and generation removed from me… not to mention that i don’t think i’m the correct targeted gender, but that doesn’t mean i’m blind to it. Kpop for those of you that aren’t in the know, is Korean Pop music. They’re basically the Korean Brittney Spears, and Nsync… actually they started way before those guys… anyway, they have flooded the market around the world except for the States. that’s a lie, to my annoyance (yet understanding) it’s actually starting to bleed over here quickly. Hence we all know who the singer RAIN is, and every so often you’ll see a group of asian girls or a group of white girls going nuts watching a video of some kpop guy.

    (TANGENT) I use KPOP as my reference b/c that’s my comparative link to mass media and what that can do for an entire cultures image and i’m trying to explain this to you without calling you names like “YOU STUPID BLIND SHEEP THAT WERE TRICKED BY OUR WESTERN MEDIA! YOU BLIND BLIND WEAK MINDED IDIOTS!) but i will not go that route, b/c if you are that person that is blind, you will never see what i’m saying anyway.

    So for instance, if you were to ask most euopean girls that grew up with KPOP and asked them what they thought of asian males, they’d say they are hot as shit. I’ve seen this, experienced this, read about this subject a lot. If you asked even chinese girls what they thought of Korean guys, they go weak in the knees b/c of Korean soapopera is huge there. If you ask australian girls about KPOP they’ll sing whole songs in Korean without knowing what the words mean, but they’re in love with the musicians. Now it’s getting easier to see right?

    So why do asian males get labeled as weak in this country? well in american media we are portrayed that way. I dont mean any asian stars that came over to help make studios millions of dollars like jackie chan or jet lie, i’m talking about all the nerdy goofy asian american characters out there… i dont need to list them, you know who i’m talking about. and the really messed up part is after movies like Red Dawn, and olympus has fallen, white people took to twitter with angry rants against asians. The funny thing about those movies is that the asian antagonists of those movies were actually asian american actors, and the protagonists for both those movies were white foreigners.

    And then you have the flip side to that coin. In media Asian females are for the most part all about white males. (again i don’t need to list this). Very rarely if ever does an asian male character end up with a female character be it asian or any other race. Even in cloud atals where an korean guy gets with a korean woman, they used a white guy and put this weird mutant yellow face make up on. (Hollywood is not good at hiding its racist tendencies.) It’s just a numbers game. America is more than 50% whites, so naturally to sell tickets, or a product, the main character is going to reflect the majority males in a particular country. That being said, it’s actually really bad. If anything it builds greater resentment, and unrealistic portrayal it’s the way hollywood and media outlets bend over backwards to do this.

    In summation, it’s easy to see why asian girls in this country find whites attractive, but they’re not the only ones, many other races find white males attractive in this country. It’s just brain washing. It’s not rocket science, it’s obvious. It’s what we were conditioned to believe from a very young age, in a way we were tricked into thinking this way. And for those being very mean on this site and have no real thoughts to contribute, and actually believe that white people are superior in any way… i can tell you from experience, no they are not.

    If you still think that whites are just better looking I’ll leave you with this game, next time you go out for a walk down the street, every white person that walks by you make a note. Good looking or not. When you get back home and tally it, i’m betting it’s 9 to 1 ugly.

  132. KC
    February 21st, 2014 @ 12:46 pm

    Wow, lots of angry Asian men commenting here, way to live up that stereotype boys!

    If she and other Asian women finds white men attractive then what’s your problem?

    I’ll bey none of you losers would be complaining if this was a white girl saying how much she loved Asian boys.

  133. Louis
    June 27th, 2014 @ 10:26 pm

    I’ve dated many asian girls, I love korean women, but I like asian women in general, asian women have attributes other women lack, its not only the look,..I don’t think that this forum is accurate, usually asian females are not only looking for pretty mixed babies, they are more interested in meet a guy with is in good economical stand up, asians are lured by money and material things, if you have the means they will involve you until you end up falling falling for her, but where is love? There you most be smart and pickup the right one for you.

  134. super sized penis
    July 30th, 2014 @ 4:55 am

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  135. Gene
    August 1st, 2014 @ 2:46 am

    Don’t believe all this bull shit. The white man are saying..nothing but big lier. The new trend now days. Filipino girls or any other asain girl now running to the black man. They finding out..the black man are treating them much better then they are, Blacks we got better body more muscular and packing way more in our pants. These filipino girls wondering why all these pretty white girls are running to these guys so much these days. They are getting curious about them just like the white girls are. These white guys does not like it. So they are trying to do everything and say anything to keep these girls away from the us black. Asain girls thats on the west coast… they love them some black guys. One thing i like to say that is true. You guys ordering your girls from there country. Why we sit and wait on them

  136. Webster P
    September 8th, 2014 @ 9:27 pm

    Well I sure hope that before you went to China, that you got BOTH Hepatitis B and C Vaccinations and was tested that both had achieved full immunization, because 78% of the Chinese Mainland population HAS HEPATITIS B and/or C and BOTH WILL eventually give you the gift that keeps on giving – LIVER CANCER and permanent HepB/C Virus Infections. There is NO CURE for Hepatitis, period. Hepatitis is EPIDEMIC in Asia, especially China and SE Asia, has been for the last 100 years. Hep B and C are passed on by only 3 ways – Sex, Birth Process or Dirty Needle Sharing. Look it up on the Internet, if you doubt.

    So do you think you were cool now bedding down all those Chinese Girls?? Better get your Hepatitis test now bub?

  137. Big And Beautiful White Men Asian Women Dating Sites «
    October 21st, 2014 @ 6:16 pm

    [...] Why Asian Women Love White Men? | My Happy Finds – A place … – I yearn for the day when you see just as many Asian guys dating white women as you see Asian girls dating white men. I love beautiful women of … but I dont like what you write about the white mens penis size. White men have big … That’s why you see these old white men with Asian women who … [...]

  138. Youreatool
    November 4th, 2014 @ 10:55 am

    None of those things you list are true, it’s only in your eyes.

    funniest part is the “mix babies are more beautiful” Hope you have a son that looks Asian, and your white racist husband can mess his brain up that Asian men are never look enough and spend the rest of his life hating why his own mother and father things he’s inferior to your BS.

    have a bless day.

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