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Happy Birthday to ME!

Posted on: January 15, 2012 | By Maigal

Happy Birthday Maigal, Maigal is your birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday guys and I am ready to live it up tonight. I can’t believe I’m in my 30s. I am officially a “Puma”. Puma is single a woman in her 30s. Too young to be called a cougar and too old to be called a young lady.

How do I feel today? I do feel older in terms of physical appearance but in terms of personality, I think I am still the same old silly, clumsy, dorky and outspoken girl who is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Now that I am older, I do feel I am more comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am, what I am and what I can offer. No insecurities here. Okay, maybe my body. I did gained a few pounds couple of months ago. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been doing anything naughty with anyone. Should I call myself a reborn virgin?

This year, I am grateful to have meet some really great people that I now considered my really good friends. During some difficult times last year, these people gave me the strength to be back to my happy self again. I am forever grateful for that. And of course, I am grateful to have my wonderful family. As much I want this and that for myself, I am just happy to be alive and healthy.


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