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Chinese Are Fast

Posted on: January 27, 2012 | By Maigal

As a Chinese woman, I am so proud of my people. We came a long way to be on top of the human species and now we are finally here. We have money and power, with billions of Chinese everywhere. I think the reason why we are so accomplished is because we do everything quick and efficiently. We do our math quick, cook quick, copy quick, learn quick, work quick and probably have quick sex too. Where do you think the billion Chinese came from? Because of Chinese people’s quick skills, no wonder we manufacture everything in China. I never had to wait long in line at McDonald when I was in China, but here in the United States those fat a$$ workers are so damn slow. The Wendy’s on Broadway in SoHo is the slowest one I ever been to. We shouldn’t call them fast food restaurant, we should call them a slow food restaurant. Here is a video of a Chinese company called Broad Group who built a 30-story hotel in just 15 days. Now that’s fast!


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  1. mark
    June 5th, 2012 @ 9:29 am

    i was always taught that pride should be about something that you have accomplished, attained, earned. how do you earn, accomplish, attain the status of being Chinese, or Greek, Italian, French or Black? being proud of something that you have no control over – such as your race – just doesn’t make sense to me …

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