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Sexually Frustrated Women

Posted on: February 21, 2012 | By Maigal

I have been noticing a lot of 30+ year old single/divorced women who are unreasonable, get angry and become frustrated very easily. One time I was hanging out with a 39 year old woman and the conversation turned to, what the escalators in the subway are used for. She said that the escalator is for people who want to stand on the escalator without having to walk up stairs, not for people who want to walk up the escalator in a hurry. If they are in such a hurry, those people should use the stairs. I looked at her and thought she must be crazy to even think like that. Everyone, especially in NYC, knows the escalators in the subway are to help people move faster and get to where they want to go. I told her, I agree – the escalator is for some people who don’t want to walk up stairs but it’s also for people who want to use the escalator to get upstairs quickly. She became angry and kept insisting that wasn’t the case. She couldn’t even begin to see my point.

Another example, last Saturday I was playing charades with my friends. During the game the word “sexing” came up and I asked my 30 year old friend if she wrote that word because I had never heard of it. Instead of just saying no she didn’t write it, she yelled, “NO stupid” and bitch slapped me! Recently, another similar incident took place. A 36 year old friend waited 40 minutes for me because I underestimated the time it would take to food shop for a hotpot we were planning. When I finally showed up, she got really irritated and started to throw a tantrum.

So what do all of these 30+ year old women have in common??? I want to say crazy, but the right description would be SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED. When women are in their 30’s and single, it can be a pretty daunting place. There are a lot of things they have to worry about. The first thing is their biological clock. If they want to reproduce they better do it soon before they hit their 40’s. Studies show it’s harder to for a woman to safely conceive once she hits 40. Second thing is old age and the appearance of wrinkles. The youthful days of smooth skin and a tight body begin to fade and sag. Third, just trying to find a decent, single guy becomes a treasure hunt. Even if you find one, most guys, including ones in their 40s, want women who are in their 20s. Plus, most women reach their sexual peek in their 30s. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder the 30+ year old women are so bitter. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m so bitter. LOL

Ladies, I think I’ve found a short term solution: get some loving once in a while. When you have sex, your body releases endorphins, a natural high that’s bound to make anyone a happy camper. If these women were getting some good loving, I don’t think they would have overreacted the way they did towards me. Their mind would have been preoccupied with the great time they had last night. For those sexless women out there, I think it’s time to let loose and stop being so uptight about every little thing in life. No one wants to be around a cranky, short tempered woman who complains all the time – not even your girl friends. So if you’re looking to get laid, TRY to be nice, stay positive and put a smile on your face, even if it’s fake. Remember, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

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3 Responses to “Sexually Frustrated Women”

  1. Johnny H
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 2:15 am

    haha. Yall could take on the sport of picking up 18 year olds to keep up with that sex drive.

    Or get a case of soft-gel cialis for the older guys…

  2. vincecharmin
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 10:24 pm

    Thats to bad communication is the key!!! communicate what type of sex you want to your partner, then you wont be as frustrated you will actually know if your compatible

  3. 8 yearslater
    June 15th, 2012 @ 12:53 pm

    My partner denies me sex because of having a hysterectomy. Every time we get alone time, she wants to be with others instead of much needed alone time. I once was told, there is more to a relationship then sex. So I took the back seat. Now everytime I bring up sex, we fight. We have 3 kids together. I do love her but I am angry, bitter towards others and paranoid. I hate when she laughs and has fun with others but not around

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