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Halloween Make Over

Posted on: October 27, 2012 | By Maigal

Halloween is one of my favorite holiday. It’s a day where I can get creative and be whoever I want. It’s a day where I see women who dress like a whore and I wouldn’t judge them for looking like a skank. It’s a day where I accept my guy friends to cross-dress and not say they are gay even though I know some will come out of the closet one day. :P Lastly, it’s a day where I tell people what to wear by throwing my own Halloween party.

This year I want everyone to wear a mask. That means I’m having a masquerade party. Yay!!! The reason behind this concept is I want to get to know people by their inner beauty, not physical appearance. Looks can become secondary for a change, unless your body is really HOT. LOL

Here are couple of Masquerade looks that I like for Halloween.


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