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WHO PAYS for DINNER on a date? Etiquette Guide

Posted on: March 28, 2013 | By Weezguy

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In today’s society, the MALE should always pay for dinner. Every second he shows hesitation, the female’s lady parts’ humidity levels drop and dry towards arid desert conditions. Guys don’t be stupid and look cheap and just pay like a gentleman.

Females: If you like the guy, ALWAYS offer to pay or contribute. When a girl offers to pay, it shows the guy she doesn’t have princess syndrome and also shows the guy she equally cares about him. Now, I wouldn’t let a girl pay, but just that she offers, shows what type of heart she has.

The Fake offer: Is like a blonde who doesn’t touch up her roots: it’s nice, but you know it’s not real.”Do you need some cash?” (in that scared, you better not say yes). She has no intention to pay, but is a dare. There is no risk on her part, if one single penny comes out of her purse, you know all her friends will know about it and you will be blacklisted from anyone carrying ovaries. The smarter guys (the guys girls secretly want) will know the offer is as fake as a Chinatown Prada Bag in a recession.

The Genuine offer: Be careful there are 2 types of genuine offers.
A. The I DON’T like you offer: Some girls if they don’t like a guy, will genuinely want to pay her share because she doesn’t like a guy, and will use this to not feel obligated to see him again. She will order whatever is the quickest thing on the menu, Salad, Soup, slice of bread, a ketchup packet, feigning sickness etc. If you feel this is the case, and she’s so socially awkward that she can’t possibly ruin your reputation, you may save a few bucks and let her actually pay since you won’t see her again anyways.

B. The good heart girl: These are the few girls that help me narrow down to marriage material. If she actually asks for the check (Not because she’s trying to run away from you w/heels faster than Olympian usain bolt) , or sometimes catch her trying to put her credit card down, you can tell she genuinely likes you and has a good heart. This is definitely beyond expectations. Of course I would never let her pay, but by her actions, you can tell if she may be relationship material.

Moral of story? If you buy worms, you can catch some fish, but if you use dynamite, you bring them all home.


One Response to “WHO PAYS for DINNER on a date? Etiquette Guide”

  1. Tony
    July 12th, 2013 @ 8:58 pm

    Does this count for relationships that you have been in for a while? Lets say like 2-5 year range?

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