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Why Mid 30s Women Desperate to Reproduce?

Posted on: November 17, 2014 | By Maigal

In the blink of an eye, I am in my mid-30s!  Where the F*CK did the time go?  I’m starting to find grays in my jet black hair on top of my head and dread the day they start showing up down below.  I have fine lines underneath my eyes and my face is starting to get a little saggy.  I’m strongly considering getting one of those cosmetic thread facelifts if my man dumps my ass. But that’s for another blog post.

Today, I’m here to talk about my biological clock.  Now that I am in a great relationship (yes, I am “IN LOVE!”) and in my mid-30s, I suddenly feel the urge to reproduce before I hit the big FOUR-O. In my early 30s, I wasn’t even thinking about having a baby.  I just wanted to find a good boyfriend and see how it goes.  But now, in my mid-30s, all I think about is my biological clock ticking away and wondering, “When is my damn boyfriend going to propose so I can get his sperm up in me and make me a mini me!”  Being in the mid-30s is a very crucial time for us women.  I hinted to my man since day one that people over 30 don’t need to take a few years to decide if they want to get married or not.  They should know what they need and want in their mate from all their past, horrible experiences (I say “horrible” or else their ass wouldn’t be single now).  ONE year is more than enough time to know someone.  If they are still uncertain and not wanting to move to the next level within a year, I highly recommend to start cheating… oops, I mean “browsing” for other opportunities. ;-)

That’s right! Go out with your girlfriends on Thursday and Friday night (or come to one of my events!)  Start working out and get yourself in shape because you want to look your best if you’re going back out in the dating pool.  Us women in our 30s, we have no time to waste and we can’t have any immature boys waste our time.  If your goal is to have a good man that wants a family within your time frame – you NEED to make that your goal.  This is the time for it to be all about YOU! [WARNING: don’t ACT desperate or selfish - and don’t be SO serious. NO ONE wants to be around that – not even your girlfriends!]

I don’t want you to be that stupid woman who dates a guy for 3-7 years and wonders if he is ever going to ask you to marry him… but you never have a conversation about it.  Remember, a guy can always start over at whatever age they are but women, we only have a certain time frame, from our 20s to mid-30s, to get our potential guy and use our good eggs to make that baby.  Maybe that’s why the law gives us 50% after a divorce.  We can’t start over as easily as men, so the money is our compensation.

So ladies, forget the New Year’s Resolution.
Let’s make a Relationship and Baby-Making Resolution!!!


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