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Maigal’s Fashion Review : The Met Gala 2015 China: Through The Looking Glass

Posted on: May 5, 2015 | By Maigal

Hi folks,
I’m still alive.  Did you miss me?  I woke up this morning feeling the need to write something about the Met’s Gala 2015 with the theme “China: Through the looking glass”.  Since this is a Chinese theme, if you know me, I’m all about Asian pride. of course I will have something to say about it. I saw some impressive dresses that fit the theme really well and some really plain, boring dresses that I think these people should just stay home instead. Overall, there were a lot of plain dresses where I think these people or designers did not do any research on Chinese art and culture therefore, their dress came out looking like crap.

Here are my top four dresses that win the theme:

Image credit to AP images

Rihanna looks like a goddess here. I love the yellow on her skin. It’s dramatic, it’s elegant and fits the theme like a glove.

Photo credit to Kevin Mazur/WireImages

If you want to know how an Empress should look like in China, just look at actress Fan Bingbing. I love her gold dress and the cape gives her this majesty effect. She should of just wore the costume from her TV drama “Empress of China”.

Photo credit to RCFA

Actress Kate Hudson looks great in this see thru golden qipao like gown. She looks golden from head to toe.

At first, I didn’t like this dress because I thought whoever wore this dress is an attention whore. It’s too see thru for my liking but I thought of it again, this is the perfect dress for Beyoncé. She has a killer body and the dress is definitely see thru that is right on point with the theme. Although Beyoncé looks great in this gown, I’m not liking her hair. I think it should be put in a bun or let her hair down to make it a little more elegant.


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