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Happy Me, Happy Life

Posted on: July 16, 2011 | By Maigal

During the past two years, I went through many roadblocks in my personal and career life. I asked god when will this nightmare end? After watching this video in the morning about a man named Nick Vujici, who has no arms and legs and still live happily, I gained a whole new perspective on life. I realized my life is in my hands. I have the power to control which direction I want to go and the power to control my destiny. Although there are things that I can’t control, having a positive outlook on life really helps my emotions and understand what I need to do to make the best outcome of my situations. I can sit right here and place blame on a a$$hole who left scars in my heart and be bitter about it or continue finding what’s good for me. I think the best remedy to finding true happiness is to learn to love yourself. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Life is too precious to be sad. Life can be better if you just take a stand and make a change for the better.

9 Min Beach Body Workout

Posted on: June 2, 2011 | By Maigal

Are you ready for MHF Pool Party on June 16th at the Grace Hotel in NYC? I expect everyone to be wearing their bikinis and speedos this time around. And ladies, just wear water proof make-up if you are afraid the water will melt your face. That’s what I’ll be wearing. :-) Now, let’s talk about your body. Do you think you have a beach body to show off on the June 16th? If not, you still have 2 more weeks left to lose that extra pound and strengthening those flabby abs. I was browsing my brother’s company and found a link he saved on his “Favorite”. It’s a 9 min workout video for a killer body by Mike Chang. Whoever he is, his body is sizzling hot. I wouldn’t mind sliding my hands on those abs. Check out his video above.

Do You Have Man Boobs?

Posted on: August 6, 2009 | By Maigal

mboobsLast Thursday, I went to Tom Cheng’s monthly party at Slate.  It was an awesome party with a diverse crowd. You had the young skanky girls with their 2 inch skirts, the young tall, hot muscular guys that look jobless, the 27-34 year old young professionals, and then you had the 34 and older men with man boobs.  I couldn’t help but stare at their little boobies with erect nipples sticking out through their shirts.  It literally looked like myself without a bra.   I wanted to approach them and flick on their nipples.  There is something magical about nipples.  Even though, it’s just a tiny part of our body, it gets the most attention.  Now, I understand why guys are so obsessed with it.

When it comes to boobs and nipples, they are only sexy when associated with the female body.  When you think of boobs and nipples on a man, it is a bit unappetizing.  Men may like to fondle our fun bags, but we woman have no fascination with copping a feel on your oversized man boobs.  And seriously, no woman wants to date a guy that has bigger breasts than she does.  There are two reasons why men have man boobs.  The first reason is a hormonal fluctuation when a man has a bit too much estrogen in his body.  This can be treated by going through hormone therapy or getting plastic surgery to have their man boobs removed.   The second reason is excessive body fat.  This happens when men sit on their ass all day eating and drinking beer and forgetting about exercise. To get rid of their man boobs, there are three steps they need to follow.

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How To Live Off Your Unemployment Check

Posted on: July 13, 2009 | By Maigal

moneyAs everyone is aware, we are still in the midst of an economic crisis and you guys all probably know someone who is unemployed.   I would say that a third of my friends, including myself are unemployed at this moment.   It’s scary out there right now, not knowing what the future holds or when you’ll be able to find another source of income.  There just aren’t a whole lot of jobs out there.  After I found out the news that I would be laid off, I knew that I would need to make a lot of changes to my own finances to save some cash.  The first thing I did was to immediately freeze my gym membership, which was costing me $90 a month.  Second, I began to dine out less and cook more meals at home.  It’s healthy and a lot cheaper than going out to eat.  Third, I stopped paying regular price for clothes, shoes and accessories.  Since the economy is so bad, most stores will offer sales and incentives to bring in business.  I need all the savings I can get since I’m on a pretty tight budget these days. Although, my measly unemployment check may not allow me to enjoy all the luxuries I used to have when I was still working and living large, I can still have fun in the city without blowing through my bank account.   Here’s how:

  1. Run for FREE. You don’t need to join the gym to stay fit.   Especially with the nice weather during the summer, why not go outside for a run.  As we all know, running is the best source of exercise to burn off those calories and stay slim.  I tend to go to central park or the east river trail for my run.  Around 6pm, there are a bunch of cute guys running on the east river trail.  Not only do you are get a wonderful view of all those great bodies running by you but you are getting in shape.  My trick to motivate myself to run more is to follow a fat runner.  If he/she can do it, I can do it too.
  2. NYC events for FREE. Not having a job doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself at home because you can’t afford to go out.  There are a lot of free events offered by the city like concerts, movies, kayaking, dancing, parties and etc.  The city might be poor but it still offers all of these cool free activities for New Yorkers’ to do. You can watch a movie at Bryant Park or the Hudson River lawn every Wednesday and Friday.  You can kayak on the Hudson River.  You can watch the New York Philharmonic Concerts in Central Park.  For more free activities, take a look at the calendar on my site.  You will see a list of all the cool activities I picked out for you.
  3. Drinks for FREE. It’s great being a female sometimes because one thing we have that men don’t are ladies nights, with free admission and drinks.   On Thursday evenings, Third Floor Café offers an open bar from 8-9 pm for the ladies.   Maru does the same sometimes. 4AM production tends to have open bar for an hour at their parties on Friday and Saturday too.  Circle Night club has free admission for women on Friday nights.  4AM production tend to have open bar for an hour on their event on Friday and Saturday too. If you want to see what Asian events offer open bars or other activities, you can visit for more info.
  4. Dating for FREE drinks and dinner. I’m not saying you should use guys to get free meals and drinks but while you are on a hunt for guys, and dating around, its universally expected that a man should pay on the first date (As mentioned on my Top 10 Things Girls Shouldn’t Do On Their First Date, Guy’s Perspective). So why not let them? Also if he knows you are unemployed, he should reach for his wallet anyway. If he doesn’t, he’s an ass. You don’t need him.

That’s all the freebies I can think off.  If you know any cool events out there, let me know.

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