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Don’t Forget To Trim Your Bush

Posted on: June 11, 2009 | By Maigal

Me by Melia - Cancun

Me by Melia - Cancun

I like to take a nice vacation to escape the pain of a tough breakup.  So in April, I booked a trip to Cancun at an all-inclusive resort with my sister, her fiancé and my friend Sharon.  It was a trip to just get away, relax and maybe get wild with the amigos.  I was so depressed during those few months after my breakup that I really didn’t take care of myself.  Remember Miranda in that scene from the Sex in the City movie when all the girls took a vacation to Los Cabos and she had her pubes crawling out of her swimsuit?  Well, I had a Miranda moment in Cancan.  I just didn’t feel the need to take care of my bush when I know I’m not sleeping with anyone anytime soon.  So I just let my forest grow wild into a jungle.  That was the biggest mistake I made on my vacation.  When I was sunbathing, wearing my sexy bathing suit, some of my pubes came out to say “hello.”  My sister’s fiancé saw it and started laughing.  It was quite embarrassing.  Just imagine, what if I had a hot guy checking me out?  I would never want to show my face in that resort again.

So a word of advice: If you are planning a vacation that has a bikini or swimsuit involved, don’t forget to shave or wax.  You don’t need embarrassing moments like mine.

For cheap yet good quality, fashionable swimwear, I tend to shop at H&M and Daffy’s. H&M has some nice, trendy swimwear.  Prices range from $25 to $30 for a nice set of bikinis.  As for Daffy’s they have some brand-name swimwear that regularly ranges from $90 to $120 but they sell for only $30.  It’s definitely a steal.

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