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Asian Women Annoying Habits

Posted on: October 12, 2011 | By Maiguy


Things that bother Mai Guy:


1. Women that take pictures of every meal on FB. I am noticing a disturbing trend amongst Asian women. The combination of camera phones and FB has created the perfect recipe for one of the most annoying habits known to man. The need to photograph every meal, desert, snack, ball park nachos that a woman stuffs in her face. We get it, you are at a restaurant and you are eating a meal. Now stop photographing! No one gives a sh*t. In protest of this annoying habit I am going to begin photographing every mundane meal I encounter, i.e. my cereal in the morning with a glass of OJ, a bag of potato chips, my subway sandwich, Mc D’s 6 piece nuggets, etc. You get the point. This will be my protest against one of the most annoying things that I have to witness on a daily basis. For some reason, white girls don’t feel the urge to photograph incessantly or at the same rate that Asian women do, not sure why that is. Read more

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