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Looking for perfection?

Posted on: August 18, 2012 | By Maigal

“Sad to say nobody is perfect….learn to love the imperfections and then you will find true happiness.” – Advice from a Facebook friend.

Is He Mr. Perfect?

Posted on: July 25, 2012 | By MaiLove

Mondays are tough so I thought I’d liven up my evening by having my girls over for dinner.  One decided to ask if her “new man” can come as well.  Of course he can, it’s only girls’ night.  We can save the girl talk for another evening.  I ended up making a perfect seafood paella and as they sat there perfectly happy in my perfect apartment along with my perfect dog begging at their side I thought…where is my Mr. Perfect?  I paused for a second…then thought instead is he her Mr. Perfect?  I mean I sat there and judged a bit more than I should.  His head is HUGE against her tiny little one, he’s not as tall as I’d like him to be (for her that is..) and I don’t like accents.  I paused again, perhaps in her mind his head is really not at all big but just right.  Perhaps his height makes sense against her own?  Perhaps accents makes for a more interesting conversation with all those variations in pitch?  Besides if it wasn’t him who would it be? That mystery guy in this sea of what I’ve already summed up as insufficient and unsuitable Asian men?  He’s at least 5 foot something and has some sense of fashion.  Still has all his hair.  I can’t tell what’s in his pants but I am sure he’s making her happy in the sack.  So the answer is for the moment he is Mr. Perfectly Right Now.  I do hope that one day they’d have a place right near me, invite me over for a perfect meal and have their perfect little dog beg at my side as I ask to invite my Mr. Perfect over as well for a Monday evening meal.

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